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DM-n00b-Genuine [Pics]

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    DM-n00b-Genuine [Pics]

    Hi, made a DM map for Sarge-Davids n00b map pack.
    It is the final version, but thought I'de post it here and see what you guys think and if I need to make some changes before its released.

    Name: DM-n00b-Genuine
    Version: Final (pre-release)
    Compatibility: UT2004 and default textures.
    Description: The first arena built for the tournament was deemed too clumsy and a trip hazard, causing several lawsuits against the Liandri Corporation. The architect was killed in a freak redeemer 'accident' and the arena closed down. Years later the arena was re-opened as a reminder of what not to do.

    Comments: The map was made for the n00b map-pack, the theme being that maps had to look and feel like they were made by a n00b, but still have gameplay and flow of a decent map. This is my first map, and made while reading the tutorials. Technicaly I am a n00b, so all I did for the theme was try my hardest (which is also why its called Genuine, as it is)
    The map has Sniper, Flak, Link, Assault Rifle and Deemer. Fully botpathed (only with a few problems with bots going to the deemer). Map has loadsa dark corners from which you can hide and snipe from. Overall it has a very claustraphobic feel. Player spawns x 16.


    Credits: me, Epic etc
    Homepage: n00b map-pack

    it is a fun run around map, i spent about 5 minutes just chasing 1 stupid bot out of a 6 man game with the flak cannon, it kept running from me....
    i killed so many other bots while chasing it and finally when i had it cornered ANOTHER BOT KILLED IT! so i hunted it down again and got it with the try it, it is fun


      Ah, nothing better than sweet sweet revenge on stupid bots. If all else fails, change teams and say "Bravo, dance. Bravo, jump. Bravo, suicide."


        Try playing it with 16 (or more bots) . I even tried instagib mutator on it, that was VERY fun.