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VCTF-Corruption V.4

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    VCTF-Corruption V.4

    What?! no VCTF icon?!

    Name: VCTF-Corruption
    Version : Public V.4
    Compatibility : UT2004 + ECE pack
    Description : Base on What I think UT3's VCTF-Corruption
    will look like. Asian-themed map, load of landscape(fairly big) with twin bases but completely Different themed to them.
    Comments : "My latest"
    Credits :Me and Rumpleforeskin for help animations ,emitters, tips
    Known issues/bugs: Bots won't Drive.

    Blue Base

    Middle Ground

    Red Base

    This is my 11 map and the first to be publicly release
    Please let me hear your opinion and criticism about my map.

    Oh and some of the pics are outdated.(not much)

    Originally posted by Mr.Game View Post
    What?! no VCTF icon?!
    I think your meant to use 'custom gametype' thing (black and yellow striped one) for vCTF. Not sure though...

    Originally posted by Mr.Game View Post
    Known issues/bugs: Bots won't Drive.
    Did you put in road nodes? or just path nodes? Vehicles don't use normal path nodes, and if there are any aircraft they use flying path nodes as well.

    As this is your first post I'd like to say welcome to the forums! As this is your 11th map, I wouldn't mind seeing the other 10. I don't particularly like vCTF, but I hope to see more of you around!

    Map looks good!


      We play a lot of vctf...what are your other maps?

      I will see if we can put this up on our server and test it out...


        The bots won't drive the vehicles because the node lines are not white! If any vehicle has a green or blue line comming from it, then that vehicle won't be used. Also, all lines to the destination must by white otherwise vehicles won't be used.

        That is why the bots won't use the vehicles.

        You can correct some lines by forcing the path and making the lines yellow. Those are viewed as white by the bots. Also, use rode nodes for ALL outside pathing. You are hanging up some vehicles because you brought the path nodes to far outside. The blue base scorpions are hung up because of this.

        There is no pathing TO the mini health viles above the blue flag. Bots will not go get those. There is no pathing to the jump pad outside blue base and will also be ignored by bots.

        Ok? It appears that pathing is a work in progress.

        No pathing to adrineline packes in middle valley.

        No pathing to scorpions under arch bridges in middle of map.

        Very limited air pathing.

        So far the map looks awsome! I love the theme and the layout. But for full testing, we need good bot pathing.


          I've tried installing it, but there seems to be a missing 'VCTF-CorruptionV' file. Do you have a custom texture, staticmesh, animation, or some other files that need to be in your ZIP file?


            Hmm... reminds me of CTF-Moondragon.


              Try this version, it has some fixes and tweaks:

              GamFanZ makes some nice maps, we have them in rotation... He may be making other changes to the map, but the file I posted is a bit more playable and has some mesh fixes.