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UT2004 DM-Greek Gorge [Updated 03/29/07][pic][final beta]

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    UT2004 DM-Greek Gorge [Updated 03/29/07][pic][final beta]

    Name: DM-GreekGorge.ut2

    Version: Final Beta

    Compatibility: UT 2004

    Nestled in a hollow of mountains deep in a hidden country lie the ruins of an ancient order of warrior monks. Their buildings destroyed...the warriors vanished...the ruins have been re-discovered and put to good use as a Deathmatch arena where fierce gladiators compete to the death to rack up the highest kill count in a limited amount of time. Enter the competition if you dare, and see how you measure up...

    I made this map for a class in school. It's been posted to my website for a while, but I was recently reintroduced to this site so I figured I'd swing by here and post the map for your enjoyment.

    I modeled the buildings and pathways myself, everything else comes from the standard Unreal Editor packages.

    Please leave some feedback if you have any ideas or suggestions about this level that might help me out.
    I'm doing this to learn more about level design and what makes people like one level better than another.


    Jessup Hines: Original idea, design, creation, modeling.


    I changed the DL link to point at a zip file as per Teg's request. I also uploaded the screenshot at a smaller size.



    'Ello and welcome!

    But... I can't see the photos... If they're to big, could you shrink them?

    ...and could you zip the map please?


      Info about soon to come update

      I removed the image from the original post because it was too big. I have re-sized it to within 640x480 and I have zipped the level.

      However, when I went to upload them to my site I found that my server is unaccessible at this moment, so I will update this later after I get the revised files onto the internet.

      I must've caught them at a bad time, I've never had a problem logging onto my host before. lol.

      For the image, you can see it at my website on the level's page:

      I also have my other Unreal level up there (Duplex), as well as the pre-production document for another I'm working on called "Criment".

      I've got two Flash Prototype games on the site as well, but that's off topic for here.

      Criment is more of a world building exercise than an actual game type until I can get it fully designed and then get a programmer to make some modifications for me. (Or until I go and learn how to program in Unreal, which is not entirely unfeasible.)
      Thanks for checking this out, check back later on for the actual updated files.



        Yey! I see a screenshot, and a zip file! that'll bring in the punters...

        I like the layout, it's nice and small, better than I could devise. But there are some things that need to be done to make this map work. I'll make a list...

        > Bot pathing. I know many people play UT online, but lack-of-botpathing is the bane of those who don't play online. Given the size of the map, it should only take half an hour or so to do the paths.

        > SKIN THOSE STATIC MESHES!!! that bubbly default texture is the worst thing to look at (well, maybe). If you can't skin them before import, you can always turn the static meshes into brushes (it's in the right-click menu), skin the brush, then turn the brush back into static mesh.

        > Quite a small point but in the screenshot you can notice tiling on the terrain. This is actually easy to fix: stretch the texture layer. You can do this from the terrain editor, using the Tex Scale tool. You can also go into the settings of the terrain info actor and go to TerrainInfo/Layers/[n]/U and V Scale, and set these to ~4. With all surfaces, try and make it so you can't see that the texture repeats, and it will look nicer.

        > Sky box. There isn't one. If you find Skyboxes difficult, copy one from another level. And I didn't say that .

        > Level info. The level is missing the screenshot you see in UT, and is lacking a description. Also, the title in the level info is 'death canyon', and this should match the name of level ('Greek gorge').

        > Music. A level without music always feels somehow empty. I've never worked out how to add music to a map, so just copy the levelInfo/audio/song from another level with the right sort of music. I think the music from grassyKnoll might fit.

        > Lastly, there is a small added cube at X=5024, Y=-240, Z=-26512. This is way of the map, so I assume it isn't meant to be there...

        There may be some other things, if I think of anything I'll post again. If you need help with anything, ask and you shall receive help!

        P.S. apart from the things above, I really like the map !