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DragonBallZ: Heroes Of Our Destiny

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    DragonBallZ: Heroes Of Our Destiny

    Hello guys,

    I am GokuSSJ, project leader of DBZ: Heroes of our Destiny
    My Abilities: Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animating, Level Designing, WebDesigning/Scripting

    Project Profile
    Name: DBZ: Heroes Of Our Destiny
    Type Game: MultiPlayer
    Version: Under Construction
    Description: A UT2004 Total Conversion project


    DBZHOOD is a UT2004 total conversion to depict the fast paced action of the dragonballZ world, as well as stunning visuals that immerse you into our mod. To give you an example of this mod's quality, here are a few teaser movies and screenshots:

    Few 3d character art samples:

    (3D Graphic Art Author: GokuSSJ)

    (3D Graphic Art Author: Mr.Phonso)

    (3D Graphic Art Author: GokuSSJ)

    we also have more then other 60 characters done made by our 3d artists Mr. Phonso, D2, Flickone

    Few level designs samples:

    more can be found on our website

    A few avi's formats:
    Levels Above:
    ingame animations:
    more info:
    few months old video showing the hud and fly system script:

    We are a mod in 2 years of development but we still are in need of talented individuals to help us reach our goal of a multiplayer release. Currently, we are in deep need of two Unrealscript coders (without them we can't continue the progress).
    We require coders who fulfill the following:

    . Reasonable experience in Unrealscript language, able to present sample material or make us some on request, OR
    . Experience in high level programming languages such as C++ and Java, with knowledge in advanced Object Oriented Programming
    . High regard for team work and communication
    . Able to add on top of our code
    . Frequently use IM messaging software for team communication (MSN is preferred)
    . Able to follow schedules and plans
    . Fairly good English writing ability
    . Over 17 years old and able to dedicate at least 7 hours a week on communication and development

    we can produce everything for the candidates, animations, meshes, textures, sprites and so on

    for anybody who is interested please write us a e-mail

    Kindest and Warm Regards
    - The DBZ HOOD Team

    I'd be really disappointed if this mod is canceled....


      I hope this Mod coming soon

      Goku model looks really nice I have JA version too
      also I have Kame home map too


        Iv seen this mod around before at moddb and Im quite impressed. I wish you guys the best of luck in finding a coder.


          I swear, it looks like you made all the other DBZ games!