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ONS-Tempestade (beta)

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    ONS-Tempestade (beta)

    Name: ONS-Tempestade

    Version: Beta 3

    Compatibility: UT 2004 + ECE Bonus Pack.

    Description: Liandri is preparing this old, abandoned colony to be re-colonized. Unfortunately, the long - range radar system detected a big Skaarj fleet closing in on this planet. Liandri has decided to evacuate the whole planet, but there is not enough ships for everyone. Take the repair dock in the middle before your oponent does and evacuate... or face the coming storm.

    Comments: Map made for 32 players, each node is placed in a different enviroment.


    Credits: Hourences HourIndusX texture pack
    Betatesters: Fluffy, Zoo, Oddside, Shambler, Slainchild, Rodent, djsilt, Tremore, fnenu, Burton'Rider, Rodent, SleepEZ, TheDon, }TCP{The_kay,
    8. Homepage: OR
    Links to download:

    From Titan Onslaught:

    From TCP Clan website:

    Constructive criticism is welcome.

    Your pathing icons must foillow the terrain to work. Pathing must be complete from power core to nodes before the bots will use them.

    This map is very well done otherwise, I recommend atleast 16 players for this map.

    In UnrealEd take the perspective viewport and right click on the top bar. In views click on show paths. The path between each path icon must be line of sight clear.