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Unreal3DExport - 3ds Max vertex animation exporter

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    Ouch. Those are big quirks. Thanks for the link.

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    It's partially documented here:

    There are two big quirks:
    - uv map apparently can't be pixel perfect with 256x256 texture, 1 .3d uv unit ends up being 1+1/255 pixels. A 255x255 one could be pixel perfect in theory.
    - vertex position is packed into 32 bits, which may result in ugly "snapping" effect in animations. Vertices outside supported space will be clipped/corrupted. Mesh that uses only a small part of the allowed space will most likely have snapping issues.

    I'm not familiar with Maya C++ SDK but if it's good enough the plugin could be ported to it in couple days.

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    Extremely cool, Switch.
    If you're not already planning to work on a Maya version, maybe you could tell me a bit about the vertex mesh format. The workflow is just as bad (or worse) on that end.

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    je vais tester

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  • started a topic Unreal3DExport - 3ds Max vertex animation exporter

    Unreal3DExport - 3ds Max vertex animation exporter

    Name: Unreal3DExport
    Version: Beta 0

    This 3ds Max plugin lets you export Unreal Engine vertex animations. There are
    already many utilities that let you do that but their workflow is unacceptable
    or they are unreliable.

    This plugin simplifies the exporting procedure:
    • Menu File->Export to export all meshes and all animations.
    • Menu File->Export Selected to export selected meshes and their animations.
    • Mesh is rotated automatically so it faces the same direction as in Max.
    • Mesh doesn't have to fit inside a 256x256x256 box anymore.
    • Built-in mesh optimization, removes ugly vertex snapping from animations.
    • You can use the Note Track to store information about animation sequences
      and notifications inside the max file. On export this information will be
      added to automatically generated import script.


    Copyright (C) 2007 Roman Switch` Dzieciol

    Special thanks to andrei313 -