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    Name: ONS-[SD]Spanky
    Version: Beta3
    Compatibility:ut2k4 epe and newest patch or something
    Description: i desided to make a small 2v2 or 3v3 ONS map, nothing big on visuals or anything as of yet, may never make anything visually hot! but, i do got a custom weapon comming into it yay.
    Custom Weapon = SuperShockRifle watered down abit, and heals nodes.
    Fire for inf
    AltFire for nodes and vehicles, much shorter range because of map size.

    Screenshot:(difference between beta1 and beta2)

    Credits: Me, Epic, Xyx,Poker,sabby, my many tries to make a map, also unrealwiki and angelmappers tuts, UP for all the love, LordSimion for that space map for showing me how to do that radarmap, and some more to be added later.
    Homepage: UnrealPlayground
    Download: Beta3(EasyFile)

    All that's left
    -AltFire visuals and souds
    -whatever improvements are needed for final

    Please leave whatever reply's you can give me, thank you


    But Onslaught's no fun without vehicles.


      yay vehicles are fun, but they are a bother mapping for, expecually in vctf.


        so far i updated the node sheilds, now you can see the health of the node as you shoot at the part not exposed, also its funny when bots get squashed lol.

        might add more areas in the map, hopefully another powernode also. just trying to find a safe and easy spot for it.


          here a pic of alittle changes i been doing for beta3


            NEW BETA, first page.


              i can see wanting to make a small map, but if you wanted to do so, why make it ONS instead of DM ?? with a map this size and the node layout you are giving, there is not going to be anything ONS about this map... all anyone will do is camp and snipe. kind of defeats the whole point of ONS ...

              unless that is what you were going for. looks good though.


                something fun to was the first map i really used ScriptedTriggers, i love em now

                first real try to make a instab weapon that can be used in ONS maps (yay editting of default propperties)

                and using movers as shields and such...think of it as a test map for better things to come