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CTF-DK-RustNDust [Beta 1] [Pics] [Download]

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    CTF-DK-RustNDust [Beta 1] [Pics] [Download]

    Name: CTF-DK-RustNDust
    Version: Beta 1
    Compatibility: ECE Bonus Pack / 3369 (well I would guess, that's what I made the map under)
    Description: Rust, dust, and sort of a quakish feel. 3 paths from each flag room and multiple intersections in between. Comments and suggestions welcome.


    Additional Screenshots:

    Credits: Myself (thanks to these forums and the unreal wiki)

    Download: CTF-DK-RustNDust(BETA).zip

    your map looks very interesting although it needs some more detail at few places.
    maybe you should add some more different colours to your map to improve the visuals.
    i will download the map this weekend. =D


      "needs some more detail at few places"

      Well reason being the "beta" in the name.... I want to add more detail after I get the gameplay itself all worked out.

      Personally I feel that I need one more exit/entrance from each flag room... I am trying to decide where to put it. The idea of this map is to keep it fairly small for constant action and allow less players to still have fun and not get bored. I played with a few people at a LAN + adept/expert bots and it was constant action.

      The bots seem to do well although I got one report of a bot screwing up with his translocator in a flag room.



        you should set textures that you can not see while playing to "unlit" to reduce the file size.
        (select texture and press F5)

        Convert these grid-brushes to static meshes to gain more frames per second! in addition your map's file size will be reduced.

        these writings doesn't look realistic. try to use different brushes and filters in photoshop, gimp or whatever you use.

        at some places you can not dodge-jump because the ceiling is too low
        edit: most of the walks are to narrow


          I'll take that into consideration for beta 2.

          Regarding the dodge jumping, if the player cannot do it somewhere, then they should rethink how they are going to play on the map. Not all maps are the same, and some maps require different game play strategies.

          Text on the walls: like I said visuals come after game play.


            sorry, i forgot the gameplay! =(

            i think that dodge jumping makes the game faster and you said that speed and action is the point of your map so i would think about it!

            in my opinion you need more Z-axis action. furthermore you wanted to have a new exit/entrance from each flag room so you can add an upper route.