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CTF-MoonGate [BETA] // could use some feedback

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    CTF-MoonGate [BETA] // could use some feedback

    I'm currently working as an intern at a small game prod company. I'm working on this map as a fulltime project and I'd reilly appreciate ur experience and opinion.
    I still got a small 2 weeks to finish this map and before my internship ends.

    Every model in the map is costum made, even the terrain. My 'boss' didn't want me to use the terrain tool from unreal ed because I still need better terrain creation skills.

    List of things I'm still gonna work on :


    - Bot pathing
    - Texture for the center tower
    - Cave texture (And add another decorative door in the cave where u can see through)
    - Still gotta add grass / plants
    - Still gotta add collision boxes for the two tree's next to the wall in the center of the map.
    - The jump pad texture looks way too new for an old style map like this
    - The jump pad sound is lame, need to change that*
    - Smoother terrain
    - Surroundings souds like the waterfall, wind etc
    - collision so players can't teleport on top of the mountains


    If u find some other things that u didn't like, or some things where u think 'hey that'd be cool' , please let me know

    It's a map for 2on2/ 3on3 or even 4on4
    We're already testing this map on the end of each working day and it's great fun (The beer helps too :P )

    Here are two download links :

    Unreal Playground download:

    Direct download :

    And here are some screenshots :


    This project is just a learning experience for me. They wanted me to have some more experience with deciding on one style and polishing up my modeling and texturing.

    Hoping u got some great advice for me and that u'll enjoy the map

    PS. the myLevel package is one big mess.. those are not my screenshots at the preview screen..still need to add them ^^ and I fixed a lot of crappy textures. 2day is texture fix-up day



    Update :

    Every model in my map is costum made by me, even the terrain, which was a pain -.-' I still need to figure out a way how to add grass and other terrain deco in max tho

    I fixed most of the list in the first post and I added blue textures to the blue base instead of heavy blue lighting.

    I also re-imported all the textures using the DDS file format so it's now approx 70% smaller in file size

    Download the update here

    I also redid some of the lighting, I'm more pleased with the way it looks now :

    Download the update here

    Come'on people, gimme some feedback please


      i have one question.

      is that big tube meant to do something? just wandering as its such an eye-grabbing object :P

      other than that, great work, i hope to see more from you


        Given that the name is Moongate, I assume that tube thing is a hypothetical space elevator... Basically, it's a lift that goes all the way to space .

        The map looks OK, but the textures are too big. Just select every texture and set the scale to 0.5x and it should look much better. Maybe add some grass too (look in arborea static meshes), rocks in the river perhaps?

        Also, could you use fewer pics? 9 is too much to look at. Pick the best 4 and lose the rest.

        Otherwise good!


          thanks for the replies I fixed most textures by now and I'm trying to addd grass , but since the terrain isn't made in unreal ed but 3ds max it will give me some headache

          I don't want to use models , or even deco layers from basic epic games packages because I want everything in my map to be custom made

          I'll lose some pics for ya and hopefully give an update soon.