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    1. Name: CTF-1on1-MM-Hall

    2. Version: Beta

    3. Compatibility: UT2004

    4. Description: CTF-1on1-MM-Hall is a short CTF-Map for fast matches..

    5. Comments: my first official map

    6. Screenshots:

    7. Credits: me

    8. Homepage: (under construction^^)

    9. Download: (700KB)

    It looks a LOT better then most "my first map" maps. Tell us about how long it took to create and tell us about the theme (seems to be mixed). Does it have bot support? Do you think it would be fun as instigib? I will download when I get a chance.


      it's not my first map at all, i built some other maps before, but i never finished them..

      At a small LAN-party last year we had the idea for a CTF-map consisting of only one room, where you have to go from one side to the other (like in most CTF-maps^^). The next days i did the bsp, added most of the static meshes and after ~2 weeks it was already a playable map, but didn't look very nice^^ Then came a long time in which i played around with unreal script instead of building maps...

      Then, before two weeks, I started with a friend doing a homepage for our unreal stuff and i reworked this CTF-Map, added the monitors, made a better lightning and did the pathnodes. So I needed about a month to create the map..

      It has bot support (and pathnodes for doulbe jumps and translactors). Please tell me when the bots behave strange somewhere so i can fix it

      but there's a little problem with instagib - the map consists of more or less one room and although there are the bridges and the monitor in the middle you can shoot through the whole map - which makes it hard to reach the flag and bring it back with instagib.. (in the normal game you'd have the shields in the middle and some outher health-pickups)


        Looks interesting, and having one small hall is definitely a fresh approach to CTF.

        I had that problem (shooting across the map) with my first CTF map too: link to thread on my first two maps.

        Luckily, the theme and layout of the map allowed me to stick a big pipe in the middle to blocking the view. Maybe you could try putting a thin wall in or something...

        I will get and test this map, but I'm just about to replace my PC, so I may forget! [curses memory]


          I gave it a quick run, here are a few suggestions:

          - Move pickups such as health and weapons out from under bridges and next to walls. The risk involved in moving into a confined space to get them isn't worth the reward.
          - It's very open. Generally speaking you shouldn't be able to see from one flag to the other, or a significant amount of the other team's base. A few pillars could be added to block the view, and more ramps / bridges / height variations in the floor area.
          I drew a few simple ideas on a screenshot of the layout, but I'm sure you could improve on it

          The area circled in orange needs something to block the view between flags without removing the lower area where the keg is.
          - Widen the bridges with the 50a on
          - Replace the keg with 100a, and the 50as with health packs and a few vials on the ramps


            thank you very much for the ideas Hazel.H! i already changed the bridges
            based on your idea to make a connection between the lower area in the middle and the floor outside of the hall (outer green lines in the picture), i'm now trying to connect the lower area with with the flak canons of the bases.. tomorrow i'll upload a new version

            If anybody else has some ideas tell me


              downloading, will see if i can see anything else.


                Those Lights on the bases hurt my eyes, and the pickups in the middle under the bridges as said are to hard to get.

                btw interesting spawn point


                  okay, i did many changes to the map now - here is the new version


                  but i have a problem with the textures at the sides of the spawn points (marked in the picture). If I don't make them two-sided, there's completly no light on it. Can anybody help me?



                    Turns out it'll be a while before my new PC will arrive, so I DLed the map and tried it out (ok, tried once).

                    My opinion: Very good.

                    [edit] sorry for the incomplete reply, I was called away. Rest follows...

                    I like the way you've separated the spawn locations, I find making spawn rooms for small maps hard.
                    I also like the texture you've used for zone portals .

                    As for the trouble with double sided walls, why not just leave them double sided?

                    And about the trouble with shooting across the map, this problem only occurs with instant-hit weapons. Maybe removing the LG will do. I don't know if there is a shock, but you could remove that too, however the main trouble will be with the headshot-able sniper weapons.
                    I don't want you to brick up the middle as the map feels great because of how open it is.


                      thanks for your help

                      sorry for the late answer, but we changed our internet provider and i had no internet for 3 weeks

                      i'll think about your suggestions and make the last changes to the map that i can release it next time