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    I really like this mod. It is really fun on stages with inside and outside rooms and multiple levels outside. That DM-RepairDepot is perfect for this mod.

    There is a problem with the new version, though.
    The emitters spew particals out rediculously fast, dropping frame rates n stuff.

    Also the emitters don't always go away. Sometimes emitters will just be sitting arround where people already died. I also noticed when running through the emmitters that the particals were being pushed arround by my character.

    Now, I am no emitter hater or anything. But I think there needs to be a way to turn down the emitter rate in options or something. Maybe an option to disable particals from colliding with players as well.

    So I have restored the first beta and the game is playable again.

    Thanks for the awsome mod!


      Updated the mutator, removed the colliding stuff, also the emitters are meant to stay a bit, but not for all eternity.


        you know, this combined with GGRL (Grab&Go Rocket Launcher, new weapon on the forum), would make a hilarious combo, because since the rocket from the GGRL attaches itself to the enemy, and it launches, carrying them up with it, THEN it explodes, still attached to them, and THEN, with this active, the mut will send them even higher, now THAT is a combo for MEGA cratering.