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    Even with UT2k3 now coming slowly to an end, StreetDogg and I wouldn't want to keep this back: CTF-UFKNE

    Developed predominantly by StreetDogg, mapped mostly by me(TopAce)

    Some Details on the map:
    It's a mediumsized CTF indoor-map. It's main aim is to bring alternation to the mappool of leagues & ladders. The map is relatively uncommon.
    StreetDogg tried to shape the flagrooms like no one before and as well to provide the ways (2 main, 2 secondary) with pro's and contra's to make you think twice about which way to take. Additionaly we tried to balance the item placement between projectile and instanthit weapons. Hopefully the balance works as intended.

    In testgames in the FlaTClaN (German UT2k3 Clan) and with BugX (German UT2k3Clan) it proved to be quite fun (1on1-5on5).
    What makes this map special compared to other maps is that it features a good deal of "jumps" from easy for everybody to progamers paradies
    Some give you a little advantage and others just helps you incredible. If you're able to do such jumps the enemy's defense will never knew what hit them

    Download: CTF-UFKNE

    You're able to test it for some days on our server:
    IP: - password: ffa (German NGZ Server)

    In case you find any important bugs or some comments feel free to send us an email to

    Have fun with the map from [FlaT]StreetDogg & [FlaT]TopAce

    I like your map buddy but I dont think UT2003 is "coming to an end". I love it more now than I did six months ago and with the new stuff along with its excellent gaming style I think I will like it for a long time to come. I dont think im alone either.


      I think he was referring to the arrival of UT2004.


        hehe, I guess we can keep our good old UT2k3 stuff in UT2k4


          Originally posted by Kindness
          I think he was referring to the arrival of UT2004.
          Just my point


            The green liquid looks naff......sorry......its not your fault, it just looks like that.

            Red lighting is too bright, you have to becareful with red lights, they can really mess up surfaces which use light coloured textures.

            Hope that helps a bit.