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DM-WoodFall [pics][beta 07/04]

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    DM-WoodFall [pics][beta 07/04]

    Name: DM-WoodFall

    Version: 07/04/07 (palindrome!)
    was beta 24/01/07
    was beta 22/01/07
    Compatibility: UT2004, latest patch (probably).
    Description: Based on one of the Zelda dungeons but, err... best look at the screenshots
    Comments: My fourth map to go on the web!


    Credits: Me. Only me. All mine. Yup. All blame rests with me.


    current problems are:
    1) bots don't use the loft enough (added bot-bait in the form of a keg)(maybe add teleport to stairs? see post 10)
    3) no music (using KR-Atlantis, better music ideas welcome, preferably a default score)

    But all comments, constructive and destructive, are welcome.

    easy way to make them use the loft, add something specail there, like a keg
    havent played the map yet.


      Nice map, love the (dark) atmosphere and it's big enough for some serious TDM.

      Now, re the issues...

      1) bots don't use the loft enough.

      Try bot candy as the Sarge suggested...

      2) not sure if bots use the lift in the east room properly

      Yeah, me neither, lol.

      3) no music

      Something Zelda-ish perhaps?

      4) bots (and me) keep falling in the water (and dying).

      No s**t! That will probably be very hard to fix (dumb bots), so better make the water non-deadly, or at least a lot less deadly (less damage/time unit). Otherwise the map will be pretty much useless for botmatch...

      Oh and it might be a good idea to add some more health pickups here & there, seem to be in short supply right now.


        1 loft) I'll add a keg in the main loft.
        2 E lift) stupid bots...
        3 music) If you can find it, maybe. Otherwise, any appropriate music (already in UT) will do.
        4 bad water) hmm... what to do? I could make the water non-toxic (and let players do the killing ), and add more stairs out of the water, to let the bots out easily. Maybe I should make all the platforms sloped edges... like this:

        (blue = current plats, red = new stairs, green = water level, yellow guy = yellow guy.
        left is side view, right is top-down view)
        Sound good?


          Originally posted by Teg View Post
          3 music) If you can find it, maybe.
          OC Remix has lots of (free, high quality) remixes from all sorts of games. Or check out this site (scroll all the way down) if you want something more traditional...

          Originally posted by Teg View Post
          4 bad water) hmm... what to do? I could make the water non-toxic (and let players do the killing ), and add more stairs out of the water, to let the bots out easily. Maybe I should make all the platforms sloped edges... like this: {pic}
          Sound good?
          Yes, sounds like a plan.

          BTW, it would be kinda cool you could electrify the water in one of the rooms via some kind of switch. You know, classic UT99-style deathtrap stuff... That way you'd keep the lethal element without bots suiciding all over the place.


            I have updated the download link to the 24/01/07 version with non-toxic water and stairs on the plats. Comments please!

            Music) I'd like to use one of the built-in musics. For now, I've put KR-Atlantis as the music file. (I think that's one of the built-in ones... is it?)

            P.S. I don't think I know enough to add a trap thing...


              this based off the Zelda dungeon? it kinda looks like it


                Shadow_sniper... You've just posted to all three of my content threads... help! He's after me! Aargh!

                And yes, it is based on a Zelda dungeon (majora's mask, 1st dungeon, in the Woodfall swamp).

                Have you tried it?


                  not yet, but it looks cool and i will soon


                    Ok, first, this is not a bump... Well all right, it is. But this is my best DM map so far and I refuse to let it die, which it will do from page four .

                    I can justify this post because I have made changes to the map:
                    I have added trimmings to almost every corner I could find; added a skybox; and reduce my somewhat excessive health vial placement.

                    I have also recently found the emitter tool (), so have replaced all the improper effects with proper emitters, and will gladly add more.

                    However, while making this post I encountered a problem: My new graphics card won't make screenshots . They come out black (link to trouble forum thread). I would be very grateful if someone could download the map and take some new screenshots for me.

                    I also have an idea about how to make the bots use the loft more. It occurred to me that the bots may not want to use the loft because of the walking distance involved in getting up there, so I thought (taking inspiration from the Zelda games) that I could make a teleport from the bottom to the top of each stairwell. This should shorten the distance to the loft, making it more inviting to bots. Comments welcome.


                      unreal is horrible!!!


                        Originally posted by cardfan_01 View Post
                        unreal is horrible!!!
                        ... what? what's that got to do with this map?...


                          your map looks fantastic, i'm not a mapper, more of a tinkerer (with coding, mapping and modelling) and i don't claim to be a master at any. However, your idea seems quite sound with the bots not using the loft enough. perhaps have a couple of adrenaline trails going into the loft as well or armor pickups?


                            [Long post warning!]


                            I have tested the teleporter idea, and the bots do seem to use the teleports about twice as much as the stairs. I tried putting in lifts, but there isn't really enough room for two lifts (one waits at the top, one at the bottom) in the space where the stairs are. Jump pads were another thought, but they are little better than teleports, and there would still be the problem of getting down. A final yes/no to the teleport idea is welcome (and waited for...).

                            Thanks to Junta for the adrenalin idea, I think I could fit 5 pills (=10 adren.) in each stairwell. Anyone know if this would work? If I use the teleports, I could still put some pills in the dark corridor at the top of the west teleport (ne stairwell).

                            Is it worth putting some more guns in the main loft? At the moment there's only the minelayer, link, and flak up there. Big guns might tempt the bots (and players). If I do add some more weapon pickups (or even replace the minelayer with something more tempting), which weapon(s) should I add?

                            It may just be me, but I don't like the grenade launchers in the east and west halls. Should I replace them with something? If so, what?

                            I have noticed that the bots sometimes get stuck in the water and can't get out. If I lower the bridges/flowers by 8-16uu, would that help them get out?

                            Something else that came to my attention is how easily the bots could get at the double damage pickup. My first reaction is to remove the jump pad from the rocket platform to the DD platform, as this is what they kept using. You can still get to it by going up the side of the room. Also, what do you say to putting the DD in the (currently closed) boss room? It would put it more out of the way, and would allow mini-traps to be set up. While we're on the DD platform, I could put a jump pad here leading to the main loft, Y/N?

                            And now to the decoration...
                            1) is it possible to add some schools of fish and/or bats etc.?
                            2) is there anything else I can populate the water with? They're still a bit bland...
                            3) speaking of which, are there any decorations I can put anywhere!? Especially emitters/movers etc.
                            4) the two stone pillars in the main loft look a bit odd, may I replace them with one large-ish wooden platform, held by chains in the ceiling?

                            Just remembered, see the thread icon? It should be the red DM icon, but I can't use it when I edit the initial post. I'm not sure where such a problem should be raised, so I put it in the general forum. link.

                            [/long post warning!]

                            Comments/answers welcome (if anyone can be bothered to read such a large post...)