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DM-Graviton [Beta] [Pics]

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    DM-Graviton [Beta] [Pics]

    Name: DM-Graviton
    Version: Beta 3_4
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: This map was made for TAM but should work OK for DM or TDM. Intended to be a fun gameplay map. It has gone through a lot of playtesting on our server so I don't anticipate making a lot of changes but I would appreciate any suggestions for tweaks before I go final.
    Credits: Colaboration between Mojo and Alpha.

    i'm usually not a big fan of gravity maps, but it was surprisingly fun for me, the gravity areas works very well, the action is kept fast and the bots use that very well too (good job on that !!).
    it still needs a little work on design and lighting like trying to make the dome prettier or making some trims in your ramp near the complex doors.

    should be a fun map for Freon !


      Thanks for checking it out and posting.

      I really wanted to make this a fun gameplay map that was different than the typical Grendlekeep, Campgrounds, etc.

      I have to give props to Alpha: I did a sketch of the concept and he whipped up the first beta in a couple of hours. The gameplay has changed very little since then.

      I agree visuals are lacking but I'm losing steam on this project and probably won't do much more with them. Maybe I'll spend more time on them if I update the map for UT2007.

      Geting the bots to use the reverse gravity was a matter of trial and error since they don't really understand what is happening.

      I see you are a regular at Titans. I've played ONS there a little but never TAM since my ping is too high. I was going to post on their forums when it goes final so see if they'll give it a shot on their servers.

      Thanks again.


        OK - Now running for a play-test on Titan TAM, Titan Freon server 1 and server 2.

        We like good new maps. Let's see how this plays.


          yay its made it to titan :P

          hey piggy ^^

          will add ...stuff later