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Transportation Ring Platform [Screenshots][DL Available]

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    Transportation Ring Platform [Screenshots][DL Available]

    Name: Transportation Ring Platform
    Version: Version 21 (March 31, 2007)
    Compatibility: Built for UT2004. ECE Not Required.
    Description: This is a transportation ring platform (floor-style) that is fully functioning with rings, lighting, sound, and actual teleportation!
    The Following is included in the Readme file:


    Rings is a feature demo for a set of two floor-based transportation ring platforms. The map includes two rooms separated by a hall.

    The system works as the following for each platform:

    1) Key panel is pressed
    2) Floor platform separates
    3) Rings appear in an elastic movement
    4) Rings activate one at a time from bottom to top
    5) Transport lighting appears
    6) Transportation takes place
    7) Transport lighting disappears
    8) Rings deactivate one at a time from top to bottom
    9) Rings disappear in an elastic movement
    10) Floor platform recombines

    The entire system does not require code or additional file in order to operate. This demo was made with the purpose of being used in an actual map by simply copy and pasting from the 2D-view of UnrealEd. All static meshes and textures are contained either within the myLevel package or within the standard install. Modifications can be easily made to the rings, such as the lighting, in order for the rings to perfectly integrate.

    The current version (v21) includes the following elements per platform:

    1) 5 Ring Movers (Collision-Free)
    2) 5 Ring Mover "Bumpers" (Clear)
    • A set of simple clear movers that provide the collision as replacement for the complicated shapes of the rings.

    3) 1 Floor Platform Cover
    4) 9 Emitters
    5) 2 Light Ray Movers
    6) 1 Fake Floor (Collision-Free Plate)
    • Can be customized for different sorroundings by either skinning the static mesh, or creating a replacement static mesh. This item is not a mover.

    7) 1 Fake Floor "Dropper" Mover (Clear Box)
    • A clear mover that falls past the fake floor into the StealthTeleporters.

    8) 1 Source StealthTeleporter (Below Floor)
    • Technology used thanks to AngelMapper.

    9) 1 Destination StealthTeleporter (Above Floor, Opposite Side)
    • Technology used thanks to AngelMapper.

    10) 1 UseTrigger
    11) 1 Per-Side Script (Controls Dropper & Shared Script)
    • an activation of the rings works by transporting the source rings, where the key panel was pressed, to the destination rings. Each use is one-way.

    12) 1 Shared Script
    • Used by both platforms in order to share timings.

    13) 1 Transport Room (Generic Room)
    14) 1 Black 36-Sided Cavity
    • Depth of cavity is up to the mapper. Shallower cavities could cause collision problems. Deeper cavities allow the moving rings to be visible.

    15) 1 Hidden Room (Used For Lighting)
    • The complexity of this room's lighting is left up to the mapper.

    16) 4 Lights In Hidden Room (Special Lit For Rings)
    17) 1 Animation Sound
    • The ring sound can be found in the myLevel package and is the top-ring's opening sound.


    DOWNLOAD VIDEO (37 Sec Video)

    DOWNLOAD VIDEO (2 Min Video)

    Credits: Killer909, yassine, REX|Et, AngelMapper, Wangtang
    Homepage: No Homepage for this project yet.
    Download: LINK! 2.06 MB Zipped

    yes so good


      Very impressing, nice!


        i love the optical ilusion when you get teleported !


          this is freaking cool


            downloaded it, still gotta check it out.

            one small problem
            if you press E enough and the right way, you can stick the lights

            the ones that go out from the rings, very weird.

            also iv had only the botton ring come up
            and had the flashing go on, also if you jump up and down, you can teleport yourself back and such.


              ikarus: Its not an optical illusion, it actually transports! The walls appear to change colors because both rooms are the same shape.

              Ok Sarge, I found the problem. I have a new version of the Rings created that fixes that bug, replaces the usetrigger with a regular trigger, allows multiple players to transport together (current maximum is 7) and the new version will also prevent both triggers from being activated at the same time. I also have a brand new panel created and ready to go.

              The only thing I am trying to figure out is how to run an event (trigger an event) automatically, exactly once, as soon as a match starts. I'm sure there is a way but I have not yet discovered it. As soon as I figure it out I will add it and post the new version.


                think i might be able to encorporate this into my test map?


                  Originally posted by Shadow_sniper View Post
                  think i might be able to encorporate this into my test map?
                  Sure! This entire project is being done so that people can use transportation rings in their maps. High-quality effects should sometimes be easy to find! Everything is very cut and paste. I may be able to use rings in my map but as of right now I don't have anywhere to ring to.


                    the only worry i have with this is that you can not have anything under it since the movers will race through the lower room


                      That is true. The current version requires space under the floor. If this becomes a problem I could make the space smaller, but I think that transportation rings will typically be used on solid ground.


                        love the rings and im going to put them into this

                        this is a map im working on.


                          Nice! just needs a little polishing


                            Originally posted by Killer909 View Post
                            That is true. The current version requires space under the floor. If this becomes a problem I could make the space smaller, but I think that transportation rings will typically be used on solid ground.
                            You might be able to minimize how big the underfloor space is by rigging additional keyframes so that the rings come in from the sides then move upwards into place.
                            I would say just have the ring movers sit on top of each other pre-deploy, but I can't remember if UEd gripes about that or not(I think it does)

                            Anyway, a few suggestions
                            1) The rings need to deploy/undeply a little faster. You're a bit of a sitting duck until the teleport takes place (MoveTime of 1 or 0.75 should suffice)
                            2) Same with the teleport effects, and maybe thin them a little. I've watched enough SG-1/A to know those things are bright, but not quite that bright/large
                            3) The cover plate needs to go back into place a bit faster as well(0.25 should do it or simply be triggered sooner)
                            4) For the map itself, I suggest opening LevelInfo(click the binoculars icon and punch LevelInfo in the Name field) and under LevelInfo.LevelInfo.DefaultGameType, change it to xGame.xDeathMatch
                            It's currently set for Last Man Standing. Not really fun if you just open the map from the console


                              Thanks for your input, Kyllian. Pulling them horizontally might work, but that would mean that whatever direction they move from would have to not have any halls/rooms or they would pass thru. I wouldn't want to expect anyone to adjust all the movers for it to fit their needs. The major problem is lighting the rings. Depending on where they are used, outdoors vs indoors, in a light area or dark area, near lighting of any color, they should appear to light correctly. I currently use a small "room" under the platform that anyone can simulate the lighting to match the upper room. Ideally, I would just put every right overlapping 1UU under the floor, but there isn't a easy and efficient way to light them that way. It will all depend on if people actually want to place a room directly under the platform and how thick the floor is... When I was creating this I had an indoor area (Abydos temple) in mind, as well as allowing the rings to raise out of sand.
                              The timing of the entire effect is meant to be as realistic as possible. This means that there is a small amount of time when a transporting player is vulnerable as far as being able to dodge. The lighting effect is based on the photo yassine posted. I'll see if I can adjust the brightness to make it look better.
                              The map (file) itself is not meant to be played any more than for testing. There are no pickups, a single spawnpoint... It is posted so that anyone can copy and paste from it to their map without having to coordinate the relative positions of the rings, lighting, triggers, scripts, etc.