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    Name: DM-Core
    Version: Beta 1
    Compatibility: UT2004 Editors Choice Edition
    Description: Deathmatch 6-15/TAM 5 v 5 Players, Space Station
    Comments: My first map. VERY large. Lots of different areas for different types of fighting. Redeemer, Hidden Areas, Teleporting and Jump Pads.

    Next Beta will have a few small blocking volumes and the command center is being reworked for better performance.
    Credits: Map is my 1st original work using Epic content. The twin elevator static meshes used under the command center are by Desperado#2.


    I appreciate your input, thx


    Good job buddy

    love it that you have allkinds of brushes! its a pritty map....Love it


      Just a suggestion on the name:

      There is already a DOM-Core...might confuse, or make people think it's just a DM version of the DOM map.Plus "core" is alittle bland.

      Make ie like "Fusion Core" or something...



        Hey I really like this map concept. Quite a nice job on a first map imo.

        I took a run around and took some screenies of areas where feedback or ideas sprang to mind, or that I just liked. Take what you want from it - it's all just suggestions without any criticism intended, and you may already be planning to do some of the things I suggest. The feedback should all be prefaced with "If it were my map..."

        I like the look of this area. Really gives you that whole ship hanger kind of feel. I'd think about zoning this area off and adding some ambient lighting to put some visibility on the jet black areas, or just dotting a few extra lights around to subtley do the same thing. I'd also look at scaling down the floor texture by about half as it seems a little big when you look right in front of you. The yellow lights on the side work well.

        These are some other examples of areas where I think it might be a little too dark. To give a reference point, the third shot taken from the same place as the second, only I've just rotated a little to the right. Again, I'd say a little ambient lighting set in the zone info, or a couple of extra subtle light actors around the place. You don't have to brighten up the overall feel of the map at all, I think it's just good to have no totally black or blind spots. Helps to make the map feel alive.

        Love this area. Scuse the pun, but this is certainly the core of the map and of it's gameplay. Looks wicked sick - very cool design. Imo I think you could even afford to cull some of the surrounding areas (esp given it's a DM map not CTF) and really try to pull the focus in on this area to concentrate some mad z-axis action. The little round pads you can jump down via rock. I'd also like to see some more jump pads here so you can go up in more varied ways as well. 'If it were my map' I'd be saying this is where I want all my action to be, as it's the strongest part of the map.

        You already mentioned blocking volumes in the next version, but I'll suggest this anyway. I'd add in some wedge shape volumes in between these pylons and the wall, so you can easily scoot around the edge of the core watching enemies with your back to the wall, and not get stuck on the pylons.

        Nice touch on the fighter inclusion. Adds to authenticity. Something I think would add even more is if each fighter were sitting on a launch pad type thing. Check out AS-Mothership for examples of what I mean.

        Another suggestion on lighting. With this area being all the same colour and much brighter than the rest of the map, it makes it feel a little overexposed. I'd think about toning down the brightness, or even adding some low radius, upwards pointing spotlights of a different colour to the bottom of the walls to add a splash of red or something.

        The teleporters in the secret passages are cool. But, I would think about using a different emmitter and mesh, as over the course of the game everyone has come to know these two as a jump. People will run up and get a shock when they teleport. There are some nice emitters in the file ParticleExamples.ut2 (which you should have), that might suit.

        (Arg stupid thing won't let me post any more images....cont'd next post)



          I'd like to see some big chunky techy trim on these hanger bay doors, and lights around the edges as though its to make the doors visible to entering ships. I think you also have a real opportunity to get a big 'wow' factor when people look out these doors with a nice high res starfield (this one is a little blurry) and some planets/moons/satelites/asteroids/hovering ships to give perspective. I think you should shoot for the feeling of 'huge' when ppl look outside. There's plenty of bits & pieces you can borrow from the stock space maps.

          Atm I'm not quite sure how this death drop adds to gameplay. If you jump through you die and it's quite difficult to jump to the DD as you tend to land on the door frame, or the light below it. What if you changed to door frame to something you couldn't land on, and placed structures/ledges around the sides of the drop so with some effort you could scale/jump your way to the DD?

          These textures kinda stand out as being a little blurry. Are there some higher res crate textures you could use, or could you perhaps scale down the large crate?

          I would think about removing this emmitter/mesh as the teleporter is only one way. It tends to make you think something will happen when you run over it.

          When you edge out here on the aerials (which ppl are sure to do) you get a really good view of the whole station. This is another good opportunity to go for a 'wow' response with some prettying up of the outer shell. Lights, meshes, trim etc.

          Hey these missiles are a really cool inclusion. Perhaps you could even think about retheming one of the bays to be a weapons launch bay, with chutes for the missiles etc.

          Some other bits and pieces that I don't have images for:

          I like the 'tortureloop' sound too, you know the 'please no' one, but I think it kinda breaks your theme a little here. There doesn't seem to be any reason for torture on the station. I'd go for more techy sounds. The GeneralAmbience package has some great computer and shipish sounding noises. Check out the sounds just called 'texture'.

          I also found it a little hard to find my way around. As I mentioned earlier, I think the core should be the core of your gameplay so you could afford to cull some of the hanger space, but if you choose to keep it this big I'd try to put in place some clearly distinguishing features in each area to make it easier to navigate.

          All in all, a great effort especially for a first map! It's not often i cbf spending an hour on a feedback post, so you must be doing something right

          Hope the feedback helps, and I look forward to seeing the next version.



            I'll check out the areas you were talkin about with the lighting, teleporter mesh/emitter. The next Skybox is under construction...

            Thanx for checkin it out and the feedback, preciate it


              nice looking map



                Second Beta nearly complete


                  <3 Spy


                    Very good looking map, I'll download the 2nd beta and give it a try.