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Jurassic Rage: Evolution II

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    I find the weapons quite fun...the shotgun has a great feel to it and the game isn't too too hard on default settings once you get the hang of it.

    The annoying part is when they are in places that are impossible to reach in certain maps if you try out different ones. That can be a bit frustrating!

    Overall the concept seems to be a good and fun one, though the other weapons apart from the shotgun are not so useful.

    I look forward to future releases with improved/added weapons and enemies.


      I cannot WAIT for the next version!


        I have a small hobby of taking screenshots from in games and adding text to make them funny.

        As a promotion for this mod, I snagged a few screenies of me vs the raptors.

        Mods I used: Ballistic Weapons. (Try to get their help for new weapon inspirations.)

        Give me about a day or two and I will bring the pics in.

        Buffy, you have a screenshot rival.


          Ah, here they are.

          Don't let those buggars gang up on ya!

          He don't hear me?

          Lucky... took the last car.

          Outta time. I'll get more in later!


            And don't let 'em get behind ya either! YEO-HOUCH!

            Using a Ballistic Weapon RPG Launcher to kill a target. (3 pics)

            A raptor on the dance floor?

            EXTREME CLOSE UP!! With a sale's pitch in the back!

            So many pics... so little time... I've been a busy bee.
            Oh and there's this problem. I'd post them as thumbnails but I'd get this lying message about having 12 images in there when there's only four. So they are in link format. I apologize for the inconvenience.