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CTF-EgyptVsRome [beta][ pics] [No Download]

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    CTF-EgyptVsRome [beta][ pics] [No Download]

    Name: CTF-EgyptVsRome
    Version: Beta
    Compatibility: UT2004 latest Patch AND Bonuspacks (needs BenTropicalSM01.usx + BenTropical01.utx Packages)

    Capture the Flag of the Pharaoh!
    Capture the Flag of the Emperor!

    This map started as an experiment in texturing and modeling StaticMeshes of a higher polycount. It then became a DM Map called DM-Echnaton but ended up as a CTF Map called Egypt VS Rome.As such it will need a high performance PC otherwise you´ll end up with a 5 FPS Game. I started with the Egypt Theme and was actually done with the map, when i had the idea of a competiton between 2 empires.I had to do a lot of research to build the right themes or meshes that would fit.Later i just buildt what looked good - even it belonged to a totally different time...


    Credits: Thanks goes out to the Community and the BeyondUnreal Community.Thanx goes also to Angelmapper for the idea of the "Reconstructs".You will find some movers/stairs in my Level that behave like those.They are called my "MagicStairs"...And i guess Thanx goes out to my local library where i spend a lot of time looking for ancient architecture books of Egypt and Rome.

    Homepage: Planet-Abyss
    Download: No Download Yet...

    Well, that certainly looks nice! Will there also be a DM version (or maybe DM-Echnaton still exists in some form)? Oh and re the 'high performance PC' comment: what kind of system specs would you need to run this map smoothly?


      very Interesting Map

      I want to play ....


        Hi there!
        The map is in Beta testing now and i already got a few nice suggestions.

        Hm, i still have the DM-Version - but it really wouldnt make sense to release it, cause basically it is just the Egypt themed place with the little pond you see in the pictures above.I dont know if people would enjoy running in circles...
        High performance is pc is a Athlon 2800+,Ati 9800 Pro,1 GB Ram which is pretty outdated by now but some people still wanna play the map on their 800 MHZ pc...and they could have problems.

        @BuffyTheSlayer: Soon you will...


          looks very original