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    i added your cowlauncher beta2 to my server and it's giving some people problems. here is the gpf someone posted on my forums.

    « Thread Started on Yesterday at 7:47pm »

    i keep getting a error when some one shoots a cow from the cowgun

    UT2004 Build UT2004_Build_[2004-09-02_05.02]

    OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 1609 MHz with 1023MB RAM
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X (7189)

    General protection fault!

    History: UObject::ProcessEvent <- (CowMonster DM-{TARD}-Shrooms~2.CowMonster, Function CowLauncherINIBeta2.CowMonster.PostNetBeginPlay) <- HandleStream <- UActorChannel::ReceivedBunch <- (Actor CowMonster) <- UChannel::ReceivedSequencedBunch <- Direct <- UChannel::ReceivedRawBunch <- DispatchDataToChannel <- BunchData <- UNetConnection::ReceivedPacket <- UNetConnection::ReceivedRawPacket <- UTcpNetDriver::TickDispatch <- UpdatePreNet <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=3) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- Level DM-{TARD}-Shrooms-2 <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop <- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Realloc <- 676F4C57 0 FArray <- FArray::Realloc <- 0*2 <- FMallocWindows::Free


      just happen to be browsing when you posted

      is your server a linux by any chance? or is the person getting the gpf's using linux? the problem is with PostNetBeginPlay where it sets the cows "lifeTime"...

      ...a while ago I made MagdalenaINI that spawned baby monsters that had a lifeTime from her projectiles and she caused gpf's aswel, but only on Linux.

      If it is another problem with Linux, then I will try and fix it

      Anyone else find any bugs/problems? Ready for another Beta?


        yeah it uses Linux. I know you already mentioned the cows will attack you when nothing is around, but it's seriously easy to team kill noobs with the cow gun in invasion. 3000 db,500 ws + cow gun = a lot of noobs getting splattered by cows


          Originally posted by Daddy Warhol View Post
          Hey this looks like a awesome idea and when i try to use it i cant figure out how to upload it. IM kinda new to mods. SDo when i get the file opened then what? someoen help me cuz i wana use this mod


            OMG cow gun lol. keep up the good work