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    Name: CowLauncher
    Author: INIQUITOUS
    Release Date: 21/12/06
    Credits: Hazel.H for her testing and input, jrubzjeknf for all of his help
    Software used: UnrealEd.PhotoShop Elements
    Compatibility: UT2004 and patch 3369

    This mutator adds a Cow-Launcher to the game. Two different mutators are included. Cow-Launcher only mut, this mut only lets players spawn with the Cow-Launcher.
    All other weapons and pickups are removed from the game. The second mut replaces the FlakCannon in any map with the Cow-Launcher, it also replaces the FlakAmmo with
    little Cows! for you to pick up and reload the Cow-Launcher with!

    Fire: Shoots cows that bounce around before exploding.
    AltFire: The longer you hold it down, the bigger the cow gets that you fire.

    Required Files + Installation:
    .u files go in the system folder
    .ucl files go in the system folder


    Both mutators automatically add them selves to serverpackages when they are used.

    I made this in a day, just for some fun. I know alot of people wanted to see something like this, and i couldn't find a version anywhere so I made one myself. It's just a bit of fun for xmas. Enjoy.
    Edit: beta 2 now out, the cows chase you!
    Down Load Here

    This beta version is just incase anyone finds any bugs. I already know about the ammo icon when you start to run out.

    Oooo looks funny


      Its a total rip off of Circus's Cowlauncher that was made 2 yeras ago.
      Heres his site with the original Cowlauncher weapon in the mutes section!

      Heres the zip

      Nice work?


        How is it a rip off if he said he looked and didn't find another verison??? There are 20 differnt mutes that do the same thing from many people..

        The only way you can say it's a rip off is to decompile it and check the code (which you probably did not do). I'm sure is different, but the same in basics, so relax there tough guy.

        While your at it why don't you go email the swaptool guy and tell him "OMFGZOARS, he ripped of worm2k4 (since they do the same thing)... Also, the weapon stuff maker too. I know he has other features in there and weapon stuff is a bit different, but it still does the same thing with the "weapon replacing"... shame on them all!

        INIQUITOUS Here is some code I have used for many weps and it gets rid of the ammo problem. It's a clever fix from the Weapons of Evil mod maker... just make the cow launcher extend off of this "CustomWeapon" class instead of "weapon".

        class CustomWeapon extends Weapon
        //Hack alert! Gives a false value for MaxAmmoPrimary so the ammo icon on the HUD never flashes. Needed because of hard-coded flashing ammo icon in HudCDeathMatch.DrawHudPassA
        simulated function GetAmmoCount(out float MaxAmmoPrimary, out float CurAmmoPrimary)
        	Super.GetAmmoCount(MaxAmmoPrimary, CurAmmoPrimary);
        	MaxAmmoPrimary = 0;


          Thanks CVROY, that should help.

          As i already said before I didn't know there was one made before, if you search for it you wont find it. As many people have requested time and time again a cow launcher and no-one helped them, I did.
          I received a very childish email with lots of swearing from the person that made the version mentioned above. Wel I took the time to go to his "site" (a list), after i received the email and downloaded his version... Here is a comparrison of his and mine, judge for yourself and only 2 posts ANick? welcome to the forum.

          His: normal skinned bombing run gun, flak cannon icon in the weapon slot, flak ammo tex for the ammo, when you play exclusively with the weapon is does not have unlimited ammo so if you both run out then thats it. normal fire mode is flak chunks with a stupid firerate. Alt fire is a static mesh i guess of a cow. The firing sound is a woman moaning A fire explosion emitter for the explode effect the spawn offset for the flak and cow is hugely wrong.

          mine. New skinned bombing run gun, New weapon icon, New cow ammo icon. Unlim ammo in exclusive mode. Cow moo's for the firing sound. Explodes with blood (like a cow). Normal fire rate. Correct spawn off set. Fire mode 1 fires cow that bounces of walls etc.. It is a vertmesh and so moves etc.. Alt fire is like the bio rifle. if you hold it down, the cow you fire gets bigger.

          And mine is only a beta! I'm glad too, it means I can make mine another 10X better than it already is

          The guy has ALOT of maps on his site... I've seen alot of them before hhmm, and most of them have '0' at the front so they all go to the top of the map lists. How very l33t.



            A full working online version of the Cow launcher weapon allready exists and has been around since Circus came up with the idea and made the ball launcher that shoot nali cows back in early 2005!

            Note post #65 in this thread in Atari forums

            Does not matter now what you do with it to make it better or worse but the fact remains that it was allready done and what ever you do to it will be an off shoot of the original idea and mutator made by Circus a long time ago.

            I use his mutator and I was shocked to see someone else post a beta version of the Cow launcher because I know that I have and used the full working version so if I was the original maker and saw this I would probably be mad and also have some pretty bad things to say to you.

            True credit will allways be to Circus for comming up with the idea in the first place and anything you do to it beyond this point is "MUTE"

            Anyway since you dont really care anyway I will test your version out and give feedback later in hopes that you will possible gain some respect for other peoples work.


              Don't talk to me about respect thankyou. Look at all my maps, muts, monsters and you will see on each and every one full credit is given to everyone where it is due. I havn't used his code or meshes etc.. so he deserves none. Also when people are asking for a weapon and he has one secretly stashed away and you do also but don't share it, wel that is up to you, I guess I just like to do things for the COMMUNITY On a side note I don't believe I or Circus can take credit for the idea, as other people thought of this weapon for UT99 first, and also I believe it originates from SouthPark for the N64. Enjoy the BETA



                the things you guys come up with never fail to amaze me. Great stuff and nice job.



                  I just asked for this like 3 days ago.

                  I can't believe how 1337 my ideas are.

                  Still waiting on that <a href="">banana bomb</a>




                      btw the release date is not 21/12/12 its 21/12/06 :P
                      i doubt its the 2012ad


                        hehe thanks for spotting that. any bugs found ingame? any ideas? i'm going to fix the ammo picture bug now I think

                        edit: thanks for the help CVROY that fix worked great, I'll release a new version soon if any more bugs are found etc..


                          can you make Cow like Monster ?

                          and after shoot cow chase and attack only enemy .. ?
                          right now they just die and became gib in map ... upside down when I shoot


                            I tried this out yesterday - It's good for a laugh but it's not a practical weapon (functionality-wise), which is kind of disappointing. Iniquitous if you're working on an update I'd like to see a bit more done to "beef" up the weapon. I'm considering adding this to some maps that I may do for an RPGInvasion server too, so would it be possible to add a simple pickup, rather than the weapon-replacing/arena mutators?


                              Thanks, what do you mean exactly by "beef" it up? pun intended ? Now I have a little free time I think I will work on it some more. I'll try and do that for you buffy!

                              Btw the .u contains a pickup class, and ammo pickup class etc.. they can be selected in the editor if you open the .u I suggest embedding the .u and using the embedded actor if you want to use it in a map as a pickup rather than the muts.

                              I can always create new .uc files for just the pickups if you would prefer that I supose