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    Arsenal2004CP [alpha]

    1. Name: Arsenal2004CP
    2. Version: alpha4
    3. Compatibility: UT2004
    4. Description:

    "The idea of Arsenal is to make a kill with every weapon in your Arsenal. You only hold one weapon at a time, and when you make a kill, it is switched for the next one down."

    Since the author seems to have given up on porting this great gametype to UT2004, I took it upon myself to once again play this awesome mod. It's just a port of the 2003 version, to get it working with 2004.
    I'm having a bit of a problem learning how to work with the GUI config screen, which is why you can't configure the weapon inventory with a GUI right now. However, everything in configurable via the UT2004.ini

    Also observe this thread ( ) for updates about my progress.

    7. Credits: Based on [-will-]'s Arsenal2003 ; Cruel Port [aka. Code's Port] by Code6226
    9. Download:

    Can you make it to play in a team version ?


      Since rotating arena and arsenal seem pretty similar, you should've combined them into one mutator. That wouldn't have been too hard to code, would it?


        I thought of up something like this once.

        My idea was for everyone to start with every gun (non-super) , but every time you make get a frag, you lose the gun you got the frag is disabled (e.g. if you make some spidermines, switch weapon, then the mines get someone, you lose the minelauncher, not what your holding). However the weapon is re-enabled after you get n more frags, where n is adjustable as one of the match settings. Default, say, n=5.

        As an example (I'll refer to the guns by numbers, shield is 1, bio 3, rocket 8, lg/sr 9 etc.):
        You start with all the guns. You frag with 9, now you can't use 9. You switch to 5 you frag with 5. If n == 1, you've now got your one kill, so 9 is now available again, if n > 1, you lose 5. This carries on until the match is over. If at any point you have no guns left (because n is set to more guns than are available), the 'kills left' counter on each gun will go down until you have something to shoot with.
        I may put this idea in the suggestions forum...

        The idea is similar to yours. Both work on limiting the weapons available to the player. I liked my idea because players can choose not use the weapons they don't like. Your idea is good because you can't choose not use the guns you dislike! Your idea would force veriaty on the player, keep the game fresh. There are some points I'll raise though:

        1)does everyone start with the rocket? sniper? If they do, it'd be like arena (rl/lg) at the beginning.

        2)You say you switch down one with each frag, but what happens when you get to the bottom? Switch up to the top? Do you have to get a frag with the shield? With the translocator!? (mad!).

        3)Is scoring like in DM (one point per frag, first to 30)? Is there a team variant?

        I'll leave it there.
        Like the sound of it!


          sounds cool