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CTF-Lygosynthesis [Beta 4]

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    Well, winter break just started, so hopefully I can get some work done on this thing.

    In the meantime - no one has any thoughts?


      yeah, it seems that way, really sucks, best to try and find G. Lecter on Beyond Unreal, PM him, he's great with CTF and JB maps.

      I think its mostly since mapping and overall modding for UT2k4 has taken a huge slump in the last year, everyones waiting for UT2k7.

      But i still can't wait for this one to come out, hope it comes out soon. And maybe you could make a cool DM version of it is the grouping of most of it (the middle and side walks) into a cool layout.


        Well, I've moved some weapons around and mucked with the visuals a bit.


          wow Hot update !

          this map really much for HaloUT Mod too cant wait !

          HaloUT All in one ZIp


            It looks simply stunning robo. Has a Forerunner theme to it which is real cool.


              I Love the style and the music really suits the theme.

              I did come across a few problems however, one being much like T-Shinzon said; you need to add a lot of blocking volumes. You can go pretty much anywhere in the map. I found myself running on top of one of those large floating wheels for fun :P Also, you should consider putting damage volumes around the energy beams and either set you’re rotating movers to crush when encroach or ignore when encroach because if you ever get in the way of them they can get quite screwy.

              Besides that it’s a great map, keep up the good work!


                I've already fixed most of those problems; they'll be in the next version.


                  Beta 3:
                  • replaced shock rifle with link gun
                  • moved shock to bridge outside flag room
                  • moved rocket launcher
                  • added meshes to prevent players from falling into the large ring area from the sublevel base exit
                  • movers no longer go wonky when players touch them
                  • aesthetic changes
                  • there might be other things I changed that I forgot


                    Tested it, as promised.

                    I've got a few tips for layout and placement:
                    - The Flag rooms are too big and open, and there are too many pickups in the base that are giving defenders an undesired boost, in addition to the LightingGun. Also, a flag runner will stay for too long in the flag room if he takes one of the higer routes, making him too vulnerable. I felt myself using the Door and LinkGun paths quite more often than the higher ones...
                    · Remove some pickups from the bases, at least 2 heaths
                    · The Flags might work better on the second floor, right above where they are now. That would make the higher paths a little faster and keeps the lowest paths as fast as they are now. It might also leave room for interesting last second saves...
                    · Try to strech the room quite a lot, removing useless space. Something like this?

                    - The lowest route is the safest one IMO since it is the least visible one, and there's a good 100Keg there.
                    · A glass in the centre room, bellow the Amp could help to see what's happening in that path.
                    · The Keg could be removed and replaced by the Amp (still a good powerup but it spawns less often, and helps FCs less than +100HP)

                    - A few ideas for the middle.
                    · Move the shock to the corner, where the Adrenaline pills are (and move the pills to another place). The current Shock location is a bit like saying 'you must take the shock and stand in this platform to defend' The corner is a little more versatile place IMO, it looks more that you can use the weapon in both the centre room and that platform, not only on the platfom...

                    · The jumpads could be replaced by lifts that stop in the second floor, so you can do a liftjump to get onto the highest floor and it's not annoying if you want to get onto the second one...
                    · Move the RocketLaunchers slightly. Translocating to the corner to get one becomes boring.
                    · If the Amp is moved, move the healths to the current Amp place (and remove vials).

                    - For the placement, I don't like there are 2 LinkGuns in the level so close to each other. These change might work well:
                    · LightingGun replaces Shock. Shock replaces Flak. Flak replaces LinkGun out of the base. (nothing replaces LightingGun... )
                    · This looks a good place to add some health, easy to cover from the shock platform, and it will definitely make the Minigun path a bit less interesting.

                    - Don't forget adding Blocking/Limitation volumes all around to prevent people from translocating/hiding out of the playable area...

                    The framerates are quite low here, but the map looks fantastic with all that moving stuff. Keep up the good work!


                      Thanks for the feedback.

                      I'm not sure if I'll be able to change the actual dimensions of the flag room though, since I'd have to rework a lot of the underlying BSP and remake the meshes.

                      Wish I'd gotten this feedback back when it was still in the layout stage, oh well.


                        looks cool, will test later


                          RL finally got out of the way for a bit, so I could work on this some more.


                          Beta 4 changes:
                          • combined movers to increase framerate
                          • more antiportals
                          • replaced two jumppads in central area with lifts
                          • replaced two jumppads in bases with lifts
                          • moved flag to upper level
                          • moved amp to sublevel, removed keg
                          • moved various weapon pickups around
                          • added blocking volumes to stop dead players from falling through glass
                          • fixed players sometimes hitting the ceiling when taking the sublevel jumppads to the central area


                            Loved it. Couldn't really find anything wrong, though i am a crappy map tester. Still, love the map, the textures looks awesome.