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Son Of Time - A UT2007 TC game project

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    Son Of Time - A UT2007 TC game project

    Hi, I come to you in need of assistance on a Total Conversion for UT2007 engine that just been planned for development.

    Name: Son Of Time – Warrior Without a Past
    Type Game: Single Player
    Version: Under Construction
    Description: A UT2007 TC Mod


    ATM there are 3 of us working at this modification. We have various skills grading from 2D artistry to Mapping. I have 8 years experience in UnrealEd, 3 years of team communication and lead from other projects, a great experience in 3D Studio Max, Character Studio, photoshop, paintshop, design painter, HTML,PHP,Javascript,ActionScript.

    We are in need of:

    Game Designers, 3D Graphic Artists (modelers, animators), 2D Graphic Artists(concept artists, texture artists, 2d artists), Level Designers, UnrealScript Programmers, Music Composers, Sound FX Creators and Story Writers.

    If you know your way in the game development field and want to take part at a professional project by creating a top notch future game please e-mail me to or leave you applications in here.


    The Game:
    The Son of Time - Warrior Without a Past is a single-player role-playing game in which you play as a lone lost hero. Currently the project is in development for Unreal Tournament 2004 engine from Epic Games, until the upcoming Unreal Tournament 2007 will be released.

    The game features the player as "Nameless One", a warrior who lost his memory and now is trapped in the deep past. Our warrior is desperate to relive the memories that he forgotten about himself and to return to his home.

    The Vision:

    Our vision of the game can be described as: An action oriented, stunning and unique environments, single player RPG, with a deep and unique storyline.

    The beginning of the story

    The Nameless One story starts somewhere around the year 1004. After a cold and dark storm, our main character which is a badly injured samurai/warrior, is found by a Viking women and her child somewhere in a wood close to an unknown village. After seeing how badly injured you are the women will consider on taking you to her home and tend to your wounds, but for being a stranger all your white weapons and items are taken from you while you are still unconscious.

    The next day, you will awake in a strange and poor home. Surprisingly all your wounds will be completely healed, leaving you without no marks on your body. Once you’ll open your eyes you won’t be able to remember anything about yourself, your past, your name, age or where you come from, you feel like a new born bean that just died and awaked from the dead to live again a new and glorious life. The women seeing the miracle, freaks out by considering you an unexplainable, cause she thinks that you possess great powers and announces the Guru of the village of her discover. You are going to be dragged in front of the master of the village for interrogation regarding you and your strange weapons, but because of your recently loss of memory you lack the necessary information to answer that question and therefore you will end up locked in their old dungeon heart. Five years later the village will be raided by some creatures from another time that came
    check out the features to read more

    The Mission:

    Your only mission will be to find more about yourself and to return to your home (to your real world) to live a peaceful life, so you are going to travel in many different realms filed with danger and adventure, even travel at beginning of the world when the gods plagued the world and mankind with suffering, to witness the inquisitive creation of the moon and sun in their breathtaking beauty. We are going to make our own amazing world full of danger. Your going to find more about yourself, new fighting techniques, quests and many more as you progress in-game, other worlds to be explored or even worlds you already visited without you knowing that and were you will be greeted as a hero.

    Our mission is to create a unique and professional project with a deep and intrigue storyline, high quality characters and stunning levels environments.

    A few WIP pictures that are still in progress and ready to be updated:

    More info:

    Kind Regards,
    - Bushidou

    huu nice namles 1 (SOT_female.jpg)


      Now this looks sweet.
      Do you have any ingame shots ???


        Not right now p2xelgen. We just started yesterday so we are in the stage of looking skilled people to work along us, same with the fans and audience.

        It will take us a few weeks to go high with the progress but once that will be on you'll not be disappointed. I will appreciate any help.

        thanks for your replies
        - Bushidou


          It looks really nice,and the WEB Site is great=>that`s a interesting Project


            I hope it turns out as good as it sounds. Good luck with it.


              Thank you, glad to hear that guys.
              Currently I’m working at implementing some new features for the website

              - Bushidou

              P.S I’m not usually doing this but there is nobody who can lend some help here?
              my e-mail is:

              I will see what I can do


                Old mod... hope it's still being worked on.