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MatrixMoves remake for UT2003 released!!

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    MatrixMoves remake for UT2003 released!!

    Hey, folks... I'd like to announce the release of...

    ApocMatrixMoves UT2003 remake of Reactor4's awesome MatrixMoves mutator for classic UT... It's a pretty accurate remake, though I did throw in a couple of my own improvements like:

    --A very generally applicable wallrun, using the Unreal Engine's new Spider physics!

    --A bit of air resistance so that the crouch hover isn't an instant freeze in air, but a nice smooth transition (thanks, MrEvil!).

    --client-side roll configurations from the console, so folks who get ill having their viewport flip around whenever they dodge can choose to adjust them or just shut them off.

    Also, MonkeyCircus and I have merged ApocMatrixMoves and his great bullet-time/bullet-trails mute MonkeyMatrix for the ultimate Matrixy experience:


    We have discussion/feedback forums (which will be getting a facelift soon, thanks to FineWolf) for both mutes at: feel free to come around and give us some grief about our mutes or just advertise your Matrixy server!! We'd love to hear from you! Enjoy!

    Wh00ho0o I love the mod.
    But pleaaaaassseeee tell me how to shut the flipping off. Hehe I really got sick last time and that's actually kinda what stops me from playing this otherwise ubercool mod


      Very cool! So is anyone working on a serious matrix mod for ut2003?


        This stuff is in the ApocMatrixMoves readme, but you may not have gotten it if you downloaded MonkeyMatrixMoves v100, cuz MonkeyCircus forgot to include it... Anyway, he had to release a patch already, and the ApocMM readme is included in MonkeyMatrixMoves v110... YOU ALL SHOULD UPGRADE IF YOU HAVEN'T!!!

        Client-side roll configs explained

        When in a matrixmoves game (either mute), type 'mutate' at the console... This will tell you the four options and whether they're on or off...

        From here you can change the settings if in single player mode or if on a server with the client roll configs enabled (yes, server admins, you can disable this feature if you want to be fascist, as well as configure what the default settings are for someone who logs in to your server). Type 'mutate <option>' at the console and it will toggle the given option on or off... For example, 'mutate FBRolls' toggles front-back rolling on and off...

        The four options are:

        FBRolls - front-back flips
        LRRolls - left-right rolls
        RollInAirOnly - only roll if you dodge in the air... dodges while on the ground are like normal UT2k3 dodges.
        NoWallDodgeRoll - don't do a roll if you did a walldodged


          A Matrix TC has been disgussed on and off, but nothing conclusive has been decided yet... I originally contacted MonkeyCircus to add ApocMatrixMoves to the mix when he inquired in this forum about making a Matrix TC from his MonkeyMatrix mod... I think now that we've released the merged mod, more folks might be interested in volunteering... But who knows what the future may hold? Head to the MatrixMoves forums or email me or MonkeyCircus (well, email MonkeyCircus, I'm mostly in this for the Moves... The bigger project is definitely his call...) if you or anyone wants to participate...