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    Name: CTF-[SD]JuneauBase
    Version: Beta 5
    Compatibility:ut2k4 epe and newest patch or something
    Description: blablabla see comments.
    Comments: After leaving Planet Alaska the tournament escaped to Alaska Moon Juneau. While waiting for a ride to the next planet the tournament found a Base on the surface of the moon. While waiting for their ride the tournament members deside to have alittle contest, the winning team gets to ride first class to the next arena.
    Credits:all i know of is me so far.
    Homepage: none
    Download: Beta5
    i need a big beta testing on this verson, because final should be the next release. dont let me down

    there are no weaponlockers, each team spawns inside of their base, the flag is on the centerpeice of each side. the weapons you can find are, redeamer,shock,flak,rocket,mini,bio,link and there are many powerups in the bases like health,mini health, adrill, sheild, superhealth. there is also 2 wildcard places on each teams side.

    there are afew things to do
    (1)check out the sweet *** powerplants
    (2)go to the big round room and the hole in the middle, go in then go forward till you start getting pulled forward. i suggest trying it with a translocator, or if you do it yourself, equip the sheildgun for the end part or you could SPLAT yourself
    and also go to that 2 layer cylender thing close to the powerplants
    (3)if you run around to certain places, plains will fly around.
    (5)the control panel under the up and down things next to the bridges
    (6)the lovely lift jumps from ground level to flag base
    (7)the tower in the skybox

    things im working on are
    (4)emitters on the big wheels

    girls will be attracted to you if you test this map


      The map certianly has some issues. It is a beta that is for sure!

      As you can see there are some sky box issues. The sky box shouldn't look like a box. But of course you know that!

      This was taken on the blue side! Some mover issues here. I assume the piston is supposed to go in and out instead of up and down? If not then the red mover has issues.

      Bot pathing as some serious issues as does a lot of other things. I think flag placement should be reconsidered! It is a straight shot from one flag to the other and no need to use the rest of the map! Just a thought, how bout making the outside areas low gravity? All jump pads need to be marked so that people know they are there. All teleportors need to be marked so people know they are there. Bots get stuck in a numer of areas. One thing I did notice is more often than not, the bots will pick up the enemy flag and then just stand there and wait to get killed. While the hall areas are kinda cool! I think you need to make better use of the outside areas!

      I did get stuck in your people mover or what ever it is. The purple line in your last pic that goes behind each base. I should have taken a screen shot! Forgot about it until I was righting this post! I'll mention it if it isn't fixed in the next update.


        ugg i forgot the blue side X_X
        yea i need to find a yellow/orange skylike thing
        uggg bots suck X_X
        i like the in the open area that the flag is but....ugg bots get so stupid with it X_X
        if i could find a way to make the bots smart then that would be lovely but they are so...stupid >_<

        you didnt go through the tunnels???

        that topway...i want to find a way to lose it.... ill work on making it so you cant just run across it.... i have to redo the inside of the base to make it better and fix up somemore things.....

        time to visit unrealed again ^_^


          Originally posted by Sarge-David
          girls will be attracted to you if you test this map
          ill take that action

          will return with virdict sooooon


          ok the bots did well, and the laout/paths are good, some places seemed inaccessible (the underground movers, one set i couldnt get to the other side using.

          all in all its pretty good, some areas need tweeks like the skybox, and maybe the big circle lifts (they scream inaccesible to me, maybe i just suck though, can get in from the top but not bottom.)


            lol i found many way onto them. i think i was able to doublejump onto them
            or atlest sheildjump
            when you get ontop of it and its going down or up if you wait for the right time you can go into one of the small opennings in the big thing it goes around and fall into the middle level though its hard to do.

            im looking for the event that triggers the endgame.
            i want something to happen then but i dont know the event name so i cant make it happen.
            im redoing the whole inside of the bases.
            i didnt like how small it is so im making it better
            or trying to make it better.

            underground movers?
            anyway has anyone ridden the fun tubes? there are 2 per side ^_^

            ugg i hate the day i have to remove all the window/forcefeilds in the bases and turn them into none invisable zone portals X_X.
            only way to zone out the outside X_X


              im so sad *cries*

              anyway heres the new inside of the bases,
              since the old one was gay and small and stuff and this one i had so fun in the little map i made to make this in, lovely dm fun
              anyway the bots are actually getting smarter
              i think i got 1 of them flag captures.......

              thanks to the bots being scared of jumping off the flag base i made an invisable mover at the back so that bots would look like they fall down, it does what it needs :/

              i pathed the top base area(the place where the turret controls where and where the other tube intrance is, i first wanted the flag there....)
              i managed to zone the redbase closed....and lost afew bsps so im happy...hopefully beta3 will rule over beta 2 and 1

              also things i fixed
              blue motor movers
              bots sitting on the flag area trying to be shot
              the abillity to run over the top of the main tube/tunnel thing.
              the base insides
              the outside lightinging problem because of the zone portal
              made less adrill so bots dont sit forever trying to collect em
              the transportation tubes volume problem
              lowered the delay time on the bridges to 2seconds from 5seconds


                Beta 3



                  hey i need help on 2 things
                  1=i need something to be triggered when the endmatch picture thing happens
                  2=the static mesh package name with the skyball and the mooncard


                    need some big feed back so i can finish this beta

                    or did i get beta3 ready alread?


                      i need a big beta testing on this verson, because final should be the next release. dont let me down

                      ohyea forgot about the skyball, where is that static mesh???


                        where does the skybox begin and the level ends?


                          What I want to know is, why is the fog brown?


                            iron in the air havent you ever seen mars?
                            anyway where is that annoying skyball and the mooncard thing? X_X


                              i need some info on some of the problems of the map

                              any thing that dont look right, is weird tell me please

                              i want to release this as a final and im to buyest to give it a good enough look over

                              helpz me to release a final beta and then the final verson

                              test the map and tell me the good and the bad and the ugly

                              and how an i trigger an event for eg?
                              i need to figure this out X_X