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    Look, I get it, I'm just saying a confidence vote is not the same thing as asking people to vote yes/no on any old issue.

    For clarification, as your post was hard to read, were you saying that this ut2k4 map is fully playable with bot support? Because my copy arrived with but a single player start and no bot support at all. I'm sitting here adding player starts, bot paths, and pickups myself in order to frag in it!


      Thats highly strange then becuase in Bot TDM or just DM its great fun. I have several shots on my x-fire account showing no problems with the gameplay or having to place any pickups anywhere.


        Well, I'm downloading it again to see if this is some new version or something, but when I got this map way back when, there was one single player start on top of the tower by the red hovercar, the only pickup was a weapon locker in the guns store, and there were no bot paths.


          Thought I'd come back...4 months later.

          I got a new laptop, this map faded from my mind..but only today I opened up the old laptop and found this page in my favourites. So I installed and patched and downloaded this map again...and unlike last time....IT WORKED!
          I mean part A always worked, but the updated one didn' it does.

          THANK YOU. Good God. I am a gargantuan BR fan. I've been recreating and building the things seen in your map in Second Life for a year now, VidPhons, spinners (most accurate in sl ), Espers, Deckards Apt. etc, and finding this map is....sort of a dream come true. I just spent an hour in silence wandering and immersing myself. The world of BR is my favourite in film, and it was excellent to see all of these components compiled into a huge, and best, ACCURATE world.

          Only "complaint" is hardly one. Deckard's apartment was a little too big, and the design seemed a tad altered...also the balcony didn't quite look as it did in the film.
          THAT BEING SAID, those are so very, very minor, and are probably due to the fact that everythingin UT needs to be a little bigger and less cramped.
          When I found Deckard's blaster I was so delighted. This is amazing.

          I will simply never find a better map...for any game. I have spent years making BR resources and this is the best I've ever seen in terms of BR fan-stuff.

          You are amazing.

          (BTW, I can see you took Whitefall's VidPhon design from propsummit lol!)