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[MAP: Other] Sneak preview: TD-Ambassade

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    [MAP: Other] Sneak preview: TD-Ambassade

    TD-Ambassade is a map for the Team Delta mod I am currently mapping for. Since I haven't posted anything new here in quite a while now, I figured I'd show a little sneak (ued) preview here.


    It's ofcourse totally different mapping then regular UT2003

    P.S. We need a 'Map: Other' icon

    Looks nice. I have a question about the MOD.

    I just played DM-Enemyathegates for classic UT. It has a present, realistic setting, but what I like about that map is the lighting. It offers some moody colours (in a sunset setting) and totally dark (black) areas, where you can hide to sniper you opponent. Will this fit into the MOD's settings or will all the Maps be that light as the above?
    Don't get me wrong, I like the layout. But my personal taste is maps with more contrast and more dark and moody corners. But most of the realistic MODs have this light setting.


      Well, I personally very ofteng get complaints about my maps being too dark so I went for a safe approach. Also, it's during daytime so finding really dark spots is going to be hard. There are a few darker (night time) maps in the work though, so not all maps are lit this way.


        Here's what I think (of the lighting... the rest is pretty awesome).

        Inside: Too bright in most areas, looks a bit undershadowed, like most of it is ambient. I'm not saying I want those pitch black corners and such, but the floor looks to be lit entirely by ambient lighting. Though, judging by those light actors, it is not... I say that tone down the ambient lighting a bit, and the other lighting would probably show with far more realism, in shadowing and such.

        Outside: Perfect brightness, but it still seems as if you achieved that brightness with too much ambient lighting again. Actually, it only looks this way in the first screenshot of the outside, the second looks realistically shadowed. Have you tried using a sunlight actor?

        Bleh, I really can't tell as well as I'd like by the screenshots, but it looks to be coming along VERY nicely! =]