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*Updated* DM-MorbiasRuinsXXL_Beta2

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    *Updated* DM-MorbiasRuinsXXL_Beta2

    This map was released my MACE @, I just post it here too

    Name: DM-MorbiasRuinsXXL

    Version: Beta 2.0

    Description: Somewhere In ruins, fight over victory or defeat ...



    This is my last Map for UT2004 released at 20-06-2006 ...

    Thanks for Betatests and ideas ...




    Just had a quick spin and I like it. Bots played well, layout giving all axis play and a good ambience. There was a point where the outside castle wall was broken exposing the "outer" world and I felt more work could be done to give it a feel of a mountain top castle with a drop of death. Textures at that opening were "stretched" too. Good work for a beta. :up:



      Quite a nice map indeed. The collosseum crossed castle theme is pretty cool. I have a couple of suggestions. Given that each of the outer rooms is exactly the same, same weapon placement & architecture, something to distinguish one from the other would help with orienting yourself in the map. Perhaps some variances in texture or lighting, or different bsp/mesh decoration in each. Also given that the bridge in each room is the same, the creaking noise gets quite repetitive as you run around the middle level. Perhaps the bridge in each room could be slightly different allowing you to put a different triggered sound on each. This would also help with orientation.

      I really liked the outdoor areas. The gravestones were a nice touch, and I particularly liked the creative placement of the shield on the mini ledge.

      Very nice map and will finish up a beauty!


        Link has been updated to beta 2 ..

        The skybox has been changed and now it looks more "on the hill" (changed the outer part basicially).. We haven't changed the bridges though (or sounds) - we just don't find the right onse (we need three additional) ... we might use flags hanging from the ceeling or something .. beta 3 coming soon ...