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Preacher's e-mail?

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    Preacher's e-mail?

    K, here's the deal: I wish to do a UT2K3 remake of Preacher's AeroWalk, a great duel map for Quake1 but of course I first need his permission for this...

    I've found his e-mail adress on his website hosted on PlanetQuake but problem is that after having mailed him, the PostMaster sent me this in reply:

    Your message to was rejected.
    I said:
    RCPT To:
    And [] responded with
    550 unknown user

    So, can someone be kind enough to make me getting in touch with him? Thx in advance to everyone who will help

    C'mon, guys! You'll all love this map!!


      Hey Man!.
      Maybe u should start the map anyway and buy the time he has emailed u back to say yes u can release it almost straight away.

      But...sorry i don't know his email and i have sent emails to people and get same replies sent back...(mainly to Atje to do a remake of CTF-Horus wich he said he will....but that was ages ago and u cant send emails to him).


        Have you tried asking around quake forums?


          Sure I've posted something on Quake forums and still no answers. The e-mail adress I tried was the one on Preacher's website hosted on PlanetQuake. I also tried the mirror on FragZone and mailed one of the admins of this site aswell but no luck...

          In fact, the map's near completion now, this is why I need his e-mail "quickly", at least to send him some screens...

          Thx anyway for your time, guys: greatly appreciated


            I hope it's not going to be a 1:1 remake. It's not going to work in UT2003 unless a lot of it's widened. Don't get me wrong, Aerowalk was a masterpiece, but I've seen a remake already and it didn't play very well at all.


              550 E-Mail error: recipient's account has been closed, disabled, or do not exist


                Gui, if you love Aerowalk you will no doubt be aware of a certain Q3 version made by a guy called Hubster for the CPM mod but never officially released in any CPM map pack. I've not been able to get the exact truth on the story behind this but I do believe it is something to do with not getting permission confirmed and a mis-understanding between them. Anyway I know Hubster wanted to do a revision to the one he made for Q3 but todate as far as I know he has not heard from Preacher either. Perhaps if you want to go ahead with this you should look hubster up on the CPMA forums. Q3 Challenege Pro Mode Gl cause I'd love to see this in UT2K3 it's a great map.

                EDIT: Gui am I good to you or what!! Hubster's website:

                Hubsters email address:

                If anyone can help you on this then he can.

                Good luck.


                  Thx you very much, man, but I already knew ProMode and I began my researches here: unfortunately Hubsters hasn't responded to my mail yet...


                    I just dont get it. Would you ask for permission if you want to remake an official quake map? No. And are you doing him a harm? No. Even if he would want to make a remake for ut2k3 by himself, the more the better.

                    BTW. nice map of yours (dm-hardcore). Bad its has low fram rates on one side.


                      Thx for your support: greatly appreciated

                      Problem is that AeroWalk is not an official map and if someone did a conversion of one of my map for another game without asking permission, I'd not really appreciate this, though this wouldn't be a big deal either but for some people it is...

                      When Hubsters converted AeroWalk from Q2 to Q3A without asking permission, Preacher didn't appreciate at all and did a big fuzz which prevented the map to be part of the CPM Map Packs. I'd prefer to avoid this by respect for the author

                      On the other hand, if it's impossible to contact him, well I guess it's a different story...