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CTF-Hawk][ - The rebuild has started [Early days yet]

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    CTF-Hawk][ - The rebuild has started [Early days yet]

    Some fo you may well remember my map CTF-Hawk for the original UT well after numerous little requests I've finally started up the CTF-Hawk][ project again (I had started this before about 9-10 months ago but lost the work in a HDD failure - take note, backups are your friend).

    Well anyway, Here's an early shot of the front of one of the bases. The skybox is only temporary and lighting is in no way thought about :P

    Click meh

    My plan at the moment is to have 3 entrances to the base. One involves going over the roof (I'm still pondering over whether this should be an xLoc only entrance or should I have a life/jumppad..?), another simply along the right side visible on the pic and the other being through passages on the main front of the base. These 2 passages will actually give 2 entrances to the flag area but they are also joined up inside the main structure.

    Bear in mind I'm not going for a carbon copy of the original map here by any means. It really had it's flaws like the bottleneck base entrance which meant only 1 real flag running route. This is a sequel with (hopefully) improved gameplay and of course visuals. I'm hoping to give the Egyptian style a slightly new lease of life when I get more into the deeper details.

    Ok, so now just watch this space and we'll see how it turns out.

    The Deacon

    Looks interesting

    The walls are looking a bit plain, maybe some nice detailed textures on them such as the golden egyptian writing or a few statues, i suggest you like at some stock egyptian maps to get a few ideas.

    I like the layout so far, looks pretty cool, terrain doesn't look too bad but could do with breaking up as there is too much sand everywhere.

    Skybox doesn't look bad, in fact i think its fit in with the theme well, lighting doesn't look too bad either but could do with some more colour variation.

    I'ii keep watching this space........



      I've done a little more work on this now. A few more details and thematic ideas. The general structure is taking on a more interesting shape. No, really, I have proof

      Here it is

      The walls are a bit more detailed shape-wise but I will get some better texturing on them later on. Lighting will be looked at once I've sorted most of the BSP out. The terrain too.

      Hmmmz, it's been a while since I got so into a map



        huh, looks interesting but really it looks like its really early in its stages tho. I havnt played ctf hawk for ut? so I dont know anything about it, obviously. But uh definatley make as many routes as possible traversible by foot, unless the distance is too great or something to me there is not much worse than overlarge maps where you have to travel across great distances run out of ammo and then commit suicide. Well anyways, ridges and dunes would be cool, For some reason when I saw that map I thought of the uh, monkey lair in jungle book? I'm guessing your going for egyption so uh i guess i'll shut up about that. but really make it so that going through those two bottle necks you have set up for flag carriers to pass through have at least protection of some sort, really tinker with the terrain make crevasses,ravines, maybe the nile but definately dont keep that surface flat. Well anyways like I said your in the early stages i'll butt out until I see more in this space


          Here's an update on this.

          Most of the front side of the base is complete layout wise. Some of the internals of the base and the outside flag area at the rear of the base are yet to be completed.

          Also, the scale of the map I've found is quite a way off (too big) so I'm gonna finish the main construction, scale everything down to between 50-75% of current size then do all the bot pathing and item placement.

          Current pics are:
          Number 1
          Number 2

          Lighting is roughly the way I want it but I feel I may have to add some more of the white wall lights to break things up a bit.



            Nice lookin map.


              Originally posted by The_Deacon
              Also, the scale of the map I've found is quite a way off (too big) so I'm gonna finish the main construction, scale everything down to between 50-75% of current size then do all the bot pathing and item placement.
              This is definitely going to be a pleaser. Do you really feel you have to scale it down? This monumental QuakeII-style architecture looks great!

              Sure, the proportions of the small, egyptian portals seem wrong, but if I were you I would replace them with plain, modern doorways, keep the proportions of the BSP and go for a more sci-fi look. Keep the textures, keep the overall colors, keep the talons and the bows but dump the portals and the columns. Well, especially the columns.

              As I said: think Quake II and frag the Stroggs


                hey those shots look interesting, I think there is potential here, hope it comes out the best it can.