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Need models for my magic mod

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    Need models for my magic mod

    So I was formerly working on Geo Mage, but its redesigned now. Unfortunately I am in need of some new models in a real bad way. So I'm keeping my options open and looking for a few things here. At the moment I need the following models made:
    - timber wolf
    - grizzly bear
    - hawk
    - werewolf
    - werebear
    - roc (gigantic bird of prey)

    There are a few ways I could go about getting these in my hands:
    1) A nice person could point me out a site where I can find all of these models for sale (highly unlikely).
    2) I can get these made one by one by individual modelers and shower then with praise and credit in my mod.
    3) If anyone is really ambitious I wouldn't be opposed to them going in on this mod with me and handling the modeling side of things. If you can skin and animate your own models thats a huge bonus, otherwise I'll have to find alittle bit more help. If we did join up you'd have input on the mod (though we'd have to discuss the concept before hand so there is no conflict of interest).

    Let me know if you have any comments, or PM me if you want to help me out. If you want to take at look at the Geo Mage mod that this is very loosely based on goto:

    Note: I have hosting at but don't have a webpage up there yet.



      Why so glum popcornsquid?

      I'm guessing there is no way in hell that I'm going to be able to snag a modeler willing to bother with any of this. The redesigned mod is basically Geo Mage except I ripped out some of the restrictions on the user so there is room for more creativity in the spells, and I added a few major features to augment the whole thing. Finally figured out how I'll determine when you get spells and how you'll get them.


        here you can have my HL grizly bear. It 's old and a bit low but still he's a happy lil fellow.

        Fixed skin
        The model


          Thank you so much Cazzz, finally a new resource to save me from the default stuff that ships with the game. Btw, "the skin" url link is broken.