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    DM-Aztec[FuT]rev3 (REVISION 3)

    UPDATE: I'm updating some of my old maps using some of the experience that I've gained up to this point. Some of you might remember this was my first map. I've made some changes (see the version history below). Although, It's still as "old school" as can be.

    Here's the original description:
    My son plays Counter-Strike everyday religiously, so I decided to remake his favorite CS map (de-aztec) so he'd feel at home when I kill him in UT2003. NOTE: This is REVISION 3 of the FINAL VERSION.



    1.0 (REVISION 3)
    * Released 04/09/2003
    * Modified LOD of all meshes.
    * Fixed rope bridge BSP error.
    * Better compression on many of my custom textures.
    * Smaller overall filesize due to the above change and other small changes.
    * Turned all terrain polys that cannot be seen invisible so they won't be rendered.
    * Fixed the patch of light on the wall in one of the dark rooms (if you know what I mean). Using a projector now. Regular sunlight against the wall was not cutting the mustard.
    * Turned the zone lighting down to 20 in the C-spawn double-door corridors.
    * Changed the light hue of the electrical overhead lights to a closer match of the original CS lights.
    * Changed the corona skin of the electrical overhead lights due to the above change.
    * Created a better wood texture for all double-doors.
    * Setup the teepee-oriented wooden slats for the non-usable double-doors as it is in CS.
    * Fixed some weaponbase placements that were hovering (just a few units).
    * Added some additional antiportals. Removed some non-functioning ones.
    * Reduced the fluid grid size for optimization purposes. It had a lot of unseen overhang/unneeded polys.
    * Now using pickup bases for all amp and health.
    * Used a better level of light-rebuild.
    * Made thousands of polys in the terrain of the skybox invisible to keep them from rendering.
    * Changed the scrolly description and screenshots to reflect revision change.
    * Changed filenames and this README text to reflect revision change.

    1.0 (REVISION 2)
    * Released 11/26/2002
    * Fixed problems with bot pathing. Specifically with translocator destinations.
    * Bots will now go for the Ion Painter. (Although I don't think they know how to use it.)
    * Fixed the location tags that were incorrectly named. (This is for locating team members in TDM mode.)
    * Changed some of the textures back to LOD 0.
    * Changed the preview pics to indicate revision change.
    * Renamed all files to indicate revision change.
    * Updated this README file.

    1.0 (REVISION 1)
    * Released 11/04/2002
    * Found a bsp error around some stairs. Fixed with blocking volume.
    * Changed the preview pics to indicate revision change.
    * Renamed all files to indicate revision change.
    * Updated this README file.

    * Released 11/02/2002


    Remake UT2003 Mapper (DM-Aztec[FuT]rev3): Teddie Tapawan of
    Original Half-Life/CS Mapper (de-aztec): Chris Auty of

    (These screenshots are from revision 2. Haven't updated these yet.)

    More screenshots HERE.

    Ahh Teddie,

    It took you a while to post this revision. I had actually downloaded this new revision and played a few matches a bit before you announced this . As I initially read this listing of revised items it struck me that the author of this map must surely be a "class act" to endeavor to revise 'non-eyeball' items as I call them. Things folks will never see but ultimately enhance the performance of the map.

    Good show man.....class act.....

    Thank you very much. I apreciate your efforts :up:



    Edit: OK I forgot to mention how great it plays...hehe sorry....well to tell the truth rev 2 played great also....great map...a real pleasure to frag usual a favorite...:up:...
    Please forgive the oversight


      Oohhhh... cooool. 8]

      /me downloads


        Sweet, i'll check it later...

        So that leaves you with a revision to ***** Giger and Zeto, right?


          Too bad I cant map this good :cry:


            W00t! Getting!



              the people want you to make ur vision of it!



                COOOL :up:

                more DM maps plz


                  How the hell do you download from Unreal Playground? I press the link, and the site with the pic comes up.. I press the disket, and I only come back to the site with the pic.. I have pressed everywhere! :cry:


                    I downloaded the first version ages ok and that was above average. I can see the improvements visually and they look way cool.

                    Did you get my P.M?

                    Anymore DM maps Teddy?

                    Anyway map looks awesome will be adde to my map list and my back-up of ut2003 goodies




                      How's the fr on this puppy...?


                        Well Teddie,If there is one thing I can really appreciate it is someone who is passionate about thier hobbies. I also agree with Ejen(the whole noneyeball thing) you are truely a class act.Some of the big companies should take a lesson from you in dedication. I am DLing now though I played on the previous rev's. I like to be up to date.back later after I play it. Somebody should do a [FuT] server,I think I've said that before.


                          Originally posted by Descentia

                          How's the fr on this puppy...?
                          The framerate if that's what you mean is freakin amazing

                          Teddie you really did an awesome job on optimizing.
                          This is one of the few maps that even I can handle with all settings on the highest:up:


                            Sweeeeet action!!! I'll give it a shot!:up:


                              Great map Teddie. Thanks for the rev. :up: