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    i'll look into the fps issues, noticed it sometimes as well, most of the time it is caused by looking from the outside through windows (other things get rendered then). I think i could add a couple of antiportals to fix most of those issues

    edit: most of it is caused by a bug that has returned once again... one of the cellblock zones is broken... '-_-

    shadows on the trees:
    the shadow you will see is from the sunlight actor (ok it produces semi-moonlight but it's still called sunlight actor ) i tried to get the projectors to create shadows, but they wouldn't, i tried several lights to create shadows, but that also didn't work. then i checked antalus (map where the trees are coming from ) and noticed that they didn't have any shadows there :weird:
    anyway the shadows aren't my main concern atm, FPS drops are
    tnx for the testing Denk and i'll create a CTF map from it aswell (promised that to emik earlier this year ^^ )

    i've fixed it with help of [EGC-i]4WD \o/ i'll look into the FPS problems now to see if they still are there =) and add some anti-portals in several places =) i'll fix some other things, add some extra entrances in the dead-end of the cellblocks or something and post the next version =) if that version is ok, i'll start adding botpaths and go beta i think =)

    i've checked out the ladder thing and as soon as i reach the top of the ladder my fps drop to 34 reason : just a mere 87k triangles to be drawn from staticmeshes i'll get that fixed, might have to make a custom wall around the map because the current one is quite heavy on the fps...

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    i'd be happy to debug it (testing)

    Gimme 1day (so prolly tomorrow at the evening and it's debugged )

    (most FPS I had was 480 or so, so when i say LOW fps, it's low compared with the 480 I had first. Got a good pc, that's why the max fps is this good, but if someone has a **** pc, the FPS i have with very low fps, will be ALOT lower...)

    1) Very low FPS - When you go up the ladder (outside) to the roof, you get MASSIVE fps drop (from +200 --> 40)
    2) Very low FPS - On the dining room (outside), get as far away from the BIG building and then face the floor (so the floor, before the glass window) fps drops to around 50.
    3) Very low FPS - In the building, in the mid room (high and also a bit low), when you face the mid (control tower) the fps drops to around 50.
    4) Very low FPS - In the building, side room, facing the glass wall (the wall without the sign), the fps drops to around 40.
    5) Very low FPS - In the building, in the control room, the fps is only 70
    6) Very low FPS - Outside the building, facing the glass roof of the control room, fps of 50.
    7) Very low FPS - Outside the building, face the building itself and run around it, keep facing it though... FPS sometimes is 50 and sometimes 120... (especially where the side ladders are, so facing the ladder and i got fps of 40)
    8) Very low FPS - In the building, diningroom - face the wall that leads to the other building and the fps will drop to 50 here.

    * Reason has something to do with the glass, i think, i dno, never made a map, and with the ladder and stuff, so i guess some textures are just FPS-eaters *

    9) Design - Shadows of the trees, don't always seem realistic, the spots shine on them, but the shadow is sometime dead-off

    10) Bugs - not found yet, too late now, it's 1.41

    Awesome map btw, make one for iCTF aswell

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    hehe if you can find me a new texture i'll fix it :P i couldn't find a nice one, and since in the pics i found from prisons like alcatraz had white bars etc i just figured i could do the same and this was the best one for them :P but i'll search for a new one :P
    instead of the turrets, i tried creating some guards (bot with AIScript / non-player) but the stupid pawn is running my *** even though i gave it a sniperrifle and script to shoot at me with it :P i didn't want to add a lift because it would let people camp in the towers and look over the walls which would let them see the edges of the map :P but maybe i'll change some things and add it anyway

    things done:
    - blocking volumes added to make sure you can't get stuck while walking/dodging past cells
    - some other blocking volumes to prevent you from getting stuck in some places (f.e. the front door)
    - elevators inside towers (i dropped the guard thing for now )
    - who knows what else

    i'll finetune it a bit more and then i'll post the new build will be 2 version # up because i made an extra save before creating the terrain

    Next build is out now ^^
    Download: (same as before but for the people who don't like to scroll all the way back up )

    have fun and please keep posting comments / bugs etc

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    The texture that i was talking about was the one used on the Bars...

    I wouldn't suggest using a Turret. I would suggest a lift in the tower

    But that's just me, it's your map! Hope you'll have some new beta or something soon

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    atm having some kickass wierd problems.... added a base (huge slab) to the building so i could add terrain more easily. but somehow the cellblocks got merged with the outside zone. after moving up the slab 1 unit 1 of the cellblocks was still part of the outside zone, but the other was not... really wierd considering them being exact copies... after moving up the base a few more units the second cellblock got fixed... have to find another way though as it isn't the best solution ever...

    edit: it get's even better... when rebuilding geometry the zones are correct, but when rebuilding lightning they get messed up =/

    edit: finally got it fixed again gonna work on the terrain now

    ok everything is working out great so far atm i've done this:
    - changed the trees (less likely to get stuck like before)
    - changed the monitors in the controlroom (new line-out so you definately can't get stuck)
    - added terrain
    - added ladders on the sides of the building to get onto the roof in a different way than using the slopes in the controlroom
    - added a clanlogo made by my clanmate [EGC-i]Concept to the cellblocks (decorates the walls nicely)

    things to be done:
    - lots
    - alternative routes into the cellblocks (thinking of escape routes from cells to outside & maybe ventilationtunnel from roof into a cell or something)
    - getting some turrets up and running inside the towers (learning UnrealScript atm, can't get the turrets that are used in assualt to work)
    - some blocking volumes to prevent you from getting stuck against the wall while walking passed the cells

    i want to avoid things like lifts, jumppads etc because i want to keep the map a bit realistic (ok a shockrifle or flak cannon isn't but you get the idea ) perhaps just a few teleporters to keep my life pleasant while creating the escape routes (not much room @ cellblocks for tunnels )

    considering the texture thing i presume you are talking about the beds? i'll try and find some other texture :P same with the windows... atm i'm not able to create some shaders, but will look into it after learning UnrealScript

    i'll post the next build next week if everything goes according to plan

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    Nice, but I think the outside looks kind of generic... You need to add some things out there, whatever they may be. Not necessarily to beautify it, but so it isn't just a building, fence, and a couple clumps of trees. However, the inside is really nice. Keep up the good work, I'm glad to see you're still on Alpha, I can imagine what's next to come...

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    hehe nice moves in that movie thanks for all the comments/tip etc. textures will be changed in some places, but i'll have to stick with ingame textures for now as my textures-making-skills are around -100 atm :P the glass i used is also an ingame shader so i can't do anything about the greenish reflection as soon as i've had time to learn how to create my own shaders/textures etc i'll fix it the idea with the towers was to create some turrets/guards that would shoot at anyone who would dare to walk the grass... but since i can't get any turrets to work i'll idd add some lifts or something i guess
    the trees are a known issue, and i just placed them at first to fill the outside area. in the newer version i have atm there are ladders on the sides to get up on the roof and i'm working on some other ideas too hope to get some stuff done next week since the last time i've posted i had loads and loads of work to do oh btw the stuck behind the monitors bug will be solved too, i've created something else which everybody has told me so far is an great improvement (also makes it a little easier to get on the roof :P )

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    Looks cool...

    Might make a good "Invasion" map...

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    Part 2

    I like the effect, but that green thing doesn't fit the theme imo

    Might be cramped in there, and PLEASE change those textures!

    OMG.... it's like... crop circles

    How about another way to get inside?

    Got stuck here

    I'd block that one off a bit better, it's hard to move past it.

    I love this Map, it's very beautiful (just change those textures inside), it's extremeley fast! I'd add a little more eyecandy, but only a little bit, so the Map stays nice and fast.

    I liked those Slopes ect...

    This is gonna be a great map! It's blocked very well, i couldn't get outside anywhere, not with the sg, and not with the TL. So you did a pretty good job on that (as there are such bugs in most BETA maps).

    I had fun with the shieldgun, i made a Video

    Download dm-inmate_xvid.rar from UT4E - RAR, 11.7 MB

    I just love this Map


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    WOW. GREAT MAP! I love it!

    I like this Slope, it's sooo cool!

    A bad Texture on there

    This tower is cool, but how about a lift (and a liftjump)?

    I'd add some jumppads or something here, so it's less emtpy, and it's easier to get to the towe. Liftjump is also cool.

    Nice trees, but you get stuck so quick

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    Originally posted by fftunes
    Don't know if it's possible with the projector itself, unless you "fake" the shadow by using a texture for it.
    Probably the best way. If the spotlights move you might also be able to get the shadows to drift too.

    I'd also look into using terrain for the grass/ground. With multiple layers so you can paint on worn out paths etc.

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    working on the next version, hopefully beta 1. working on making the turrets work and will add more spawnpoints and botpathing i'm quite busy atm, but will try to get it up somewhere next week

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    You probably need a "real" light to cast shadow. Don't know if it's possible with the projector itself, unless you "fake" the shadow by using a texture for it.

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    yeah i noticed that too, have tried changing the settings of the projector, but couldn't get it to show up right. i shall try to fix it again together with the "stuck behind the tvscreen"-bug

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    Hey, looks nice so far! :up:

    Noticed a little bug in the top view shot, the trees cast shadow from a sunlight actor but not from the spot lights...

    For the towers, I think you could just place sniperSpots or another scripted sequence just to make'em stand still there - as long as it's possible to actually go up there. I think players would like to go up there too, but this would make it difficult to limit the playable world in a reasonable way, short of "invisible walls"... however a specific tower design were you only can get out towards the center of the map might prevent people trying to jump over the prison walls.

    just my two cents so far...

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