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    i'll look into the fps issues, noticed it sometimes as well, most of the time it is caused by looking from the outside through windows (other things get rendered then). I think i could add a couple of antiportals to fix most of those issues

    edit: most of it is caused by a bug that has returned once again... one of the cellblock zones is broken... '-_-

    shadows on the trees:
    the shadow you will see is from the sunlight actor (ok it produces semi-moonlight but it's still called sunlight actor ) i tried to get the projectors to create shadows, but they wouldn't, i tried several lights to create shadows, but that also didn't work. then i checked antalus (map where the trees are coming from ) and noticed that they didn't have any shadows there :weird:
    anyway the shadows aren't my main concern atm, FPS drops are
    tnx for the testing Denk and i'll create a CTF map from it aswell (promised that to emik earlier this year ^^ )

    i've fixed it with help of [EGC-i]4WD \o/ i'll look into the FPS problems now to see if they still are there =) and add some anti-portals in several places =) i'll fix some other things, add some extra entrances in the dead-end of the cellblocks or something and post the next version =) if that version is ok, i'll start adding botpaths and go beta i think =)

    i've checked out the ladder thing and as soon as i reach the top of the ladder my fps drop to 34 reason : just a mere 87k triangles to be drawn from staticmeshes i'll get that fixed, might have to make a custom wall around the map because the current one is quite heavy on the fps...