Yeah ... you`v been waiting for this ... the Lucifer Gunship

Dont think im a satanist if i use strange names like these but i couldnt find better ones :P

I promiss ill do my own skin for this vehicle ... has many polys but its worth it

Im still looking for any coder who would want to cooperate because i really suck at coding a tard at that part:bulb:

But anyho here are some pics ... remember that right now, in these pics the vehicle model is aprox. 48% done so i still got more to do at it ...

The actual vehicle will be simple ... slow moving with no driver weapons and a turret with Twin Gauss Cannons that are verry powerful :P
not much, im doing this more for the eFX that its gonna have =D and the model , but if any code would like to cooperate ... we`ll make it more advanced
FEEDBACK!from the pics pls