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CTF-Q3CTF2 - Troubled Waters beta remake

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    CTF-Q3CTF2 - Troubled Waters beta remake

    Name: CTF-Q3CTF2 - "Troubled Waters"
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004

    Description: Remake (yep, that's my genre) of Q3CTF2 - Troubled Waters for UT2004. This was a fun CTF map and since I liked it, I figured I'd give a go at it in UnrealEd. Recommend 8-12 players.

    This is my first ever CTF map for any game, so I tried extra hard to make the bases symmetrical. I am pretty sure each base has the same things as one another.

    One big change in this map is I removed the two jump pads in the center of the outside area. These made it so a player could very quickly get to the enemy base. The basic option now is to jump over the water and go up the ramps or use the alternate routes on the sides. If anyone thinks I should implement the two jump pads, let me know.

    Hope to get some players and feedback. This is my first CTF map, so if anyone knows of anything I may be missing, please point it out.

    Some things I plan to do:
    -Get some translocator spots for bots
    -Blocking volumes for the two spire thingies outside. The default collision is messed up.
    -Replace the grate wall that's on the bio rifle side of both bases.
    -Possible tweaks of some jump pads
    -Possibly add in the two jump pads in the center.
    -Make the red flag banner have the upside down symbol like the oval decorations.


    Credits: Id

    Looks great so far, but please don't make it look too much like bridgeoffate.


      Originally posted by DimensionSeven
      Looks great so far, but please don't make it look too much like bridgeoffate.
      Thanks. I wasn't really trying to completely copy the appearance Bridge of Fate necessarily, but it just had some visual elements I just love. What in particular stands out? The oval decals?

      I have been playing with the map some and I've got bots doing some translocating. Just need to get them to defend the flag in other spots and maybe take the alternate routes back to base...