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    CTF-Collateral [Beta] [Pics]

    Name: CTF-Collateral
    Version: Beta 1
    Compatibility: UT2004

    Conversion of JB-Collateral, which I released recently. Just looking for some feedback on the botpathing, weapon placement and any other changes or suggestions There seems to be a problem with the assault pathing but I can't find anything wrong with it. If both flags are taken, the flag carrier runs towards their own base then turns around again which is quite annoying. Does anyone else notice this?


    (screenshot still shows the lock from JB - I need to get another one and change the in-game map description too ) EDIT: done

    Testing: INIQUITOUS, G.Lecter, Skorbut, Aersik, and everyone at
    Music: Yahel - "Massive Control"

    EDIT: Released final version here:

    hahahaha locks XD


      Thank you! :up:


        Yes, the JB one is better! It works OK in CTF, but many of the paths are not favored enough, especially when returning the Flag. I think I just dodgejumped down to the ShockRifle platform in all my flagrun attempts... Try adding/moving healths in the least interesting paths. I am not sure about the current PlayerStart placement, it forces you to take one path when attacking. I am not an expert in PlayerStarts so I can't say more... I'd also have liked to see more interest for FlagCarriers in the Flak path, but that would need major layout changes...
        I've looked in the Ed and I smell something wrong in the AssaultPathing [groups of 3 AssaultPaths together does not look logical... :weird:]. Assuming that there's not going to be any change in the layout, here's how I'd place the AssaultPaths. The picture is only for the Red Team, duplicate and change ObjectiveTag for the blue ones... Set the priorities as you think they're better [The total of the priorities of all the AssaultPaths from the same group (Position) must be 1, according to Blitz's tutorial].
        The central room needs pathing more translocator jumps btw.

        I usually make the AssaultPathing in 3 groups (Positions), and take the Position 1 as a Reference to assign the PathTags. Perhaps the bots won't do a few unimportant tricks, but AssaultPathing them would need more time to think...


          I wish I could be of assistance.... but facing the current mobo failure, there's little I can do. Good luck finishing this one up, Hazel.:up:


            I'll take a run through it later. I warmed up to the JB version. Infact JB has now sorta taken over my UT life.


              Thankyou very much Lecter Tried your assault pathing solution today and the bots play 10x better than they did. You're a genius :up: I have another few things to fix and then I'll post another beta.


                Beta 2

                New Beta: EDIT: (released final version

                - New assault paths
                - Minor changes to health pickup locations
                - Changed screenshot
                - Added more xloc spots
                - Exchanged unused door movers (from the jb version) with static meshes

                If there are no more problems I'll release this


                  No problem.

                  Perhaps you should move the some pickups so they are easier to take when running along certain paths:
                  - Minigun would be moved a bit, beside the lift exit so you don't have to run back a little after taking the lift with the flag.
                  - RocketLauncher a bit less close to the pillar, maybe.
                  - The healths in the main room aren't too interesting. The 2 priceless seconds you spend to take one of them are enough for a player using the translocator to catch you, and since you are in a corner, you won't have much way to escape. I'd recommend either having 2 healths at each corner, or just keeping one heath at each side, same as it's now, but farther from the corners in an place you can take them faster...

                  Looks cool and the bots play well, I think it's ready.


                    Very beautiful, very well blocked off!

                    I wanted to jump on here:

                    It's possible to get up there:

                    May need blocking:

                    Looks really nice, but how can this Tree grow?