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[WEAPON] Fyrian Cannon

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    On the server now

    :up: I't currently installed on the server below

    Ut2003 Wicked Game Server

    game server ip:


      after playing this more, i found it is super fun, but its vest with arena. good job again. looking forward to more.



        Mr. Evil, Gusher, and NeroTBF,

        Outstanding work guys! Sorry to be so late to comment on this, but I wanted to really beat it up in Invasion first as that's where I plan to build it into the map pack. I have to say that other than the minor deal someone pointed out where it says Firechucker instead of Fyrian Cannon in the configuration process, there is nothing wrong with this package.

        I really wanted something powerful for the folks that play the maps that simply don't have the skills to get the Ehanced Shock Rifle that is in all the maps. Unless you are a top-flight Teleport-Ho, you are far more likely to die than actually get the ESR. The Fyrian fills the bill perfectly. It has a powerful punch, especially the secondary, but you have to use it rationally and carefully or you'll be standing there with a useless cannon in one hand and nothing but your **** in the other one...if you happen to be so equipped that is...

        Many kudos for making something that is not just overwhelmingly powerful, but actually requires timing, practice, and skillz to use. I look forward to building it into the maps and having them up on our server in the next day or two. Even though I am building the weapon into the maps, I will package the entire mute (as I am doing with the Colt Peacemaker) into the map pack so that players that download it from Unreal Playground will be able to play with the Fyrian on all of their maps and not just the Dead Cat Invasion Maps.

        Thanks again for all of the super-effort that went into this weapon!



          Originally posted by defalc
          Okay a couple of things:
          - The arena mutator removes health pickups and stuff, which is probably intentional but imho it should be left there. It removed the jumpboots from Deck17. :sour:

          - The Replacement one, when you click configure it says 'Firechucker' instead of Fyrian Cannon. Little bug there.

          - The muzzle flash is pretty small for such a large gun, I barely noticed it on first glance. A gun that big needs a big muzzle flash.

          - There's little to distinguish between primary fire and secondary fire VISIBLY: the barrels don't appear to spin faster, the muzzle flash isn't bigger etc. Changing them would make it seem more unique.

          - When it overheats you could have the little electronic panel like go out or something, then come back on when it's cooled down.

          - Perhaps a different firing noise for the secondary? A faster, bassier one perhaps. Ie: Instead of 'tugga tugga tugga', a fast 'BRAAAATTTTTTTT' - it's big, let it be heard.

          - When it's cooling, perhaps some steam from the barrels and a little humming noise?

          Otherwise, it's hell cool.
          Lots of useful feedback, thanks:

          1) If you want all one weapon and to keep all pickups, use the standard UT2003 Arena mutator. You don't get infinite ammo, but there will be plenty of ammo pickups about.

          2) Oop. Don't know how I managed to let that one slip though

          3) I shall increase it for the next version (the next time I release it, it will be packaged into my upcoming complete weapon replacement mod).

          4) I wanted to display stuff on the panel on the model, but I haven't yet worked out how. I will keep researching it.

          5) Maybe.

          6) Steam would be nice, and maybe I could sample the sound of something hot cooling down (like a car engine perhaps).

          Originally posted by Atom235
          I think that the main problem of that weapon is the mesh. I mean... I prefer 6 piped miniguns. Three piped ones look like crippled or smthing
          It's a subjective thing I suppose. I like the triangular look of it myself.


            Sweet mut.
            The overheating is great. Stops it from being just another mini.
            Can't wait to see what you have for us next. :up:


              Originally posted by Mr Evil
              ...It's a subjective thing I suppose. I like the triangular look of it myself.
              That and in reality, 3 barrels can spin up faster than 6