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    man i totally forgot that word Zarqoun! what a funny word!


      Very very nice map. Solid BSP work, and good static mesh use to boot. The them is great, I almost feel like I'm on a ... levitating weather station.

      My criticisms:

      No sound. NO SOUND. My post is louder than the map. The lifts, the spinning engine at the lower level, and probably some of the lights and whatever looks like it could make noise needs some sound. Sound is as important as lighting when it comes to polishing a map.

      Like it was said before, there are no volumes for those spinning engine-thingies. That can be very disorienting.

      The item placement is on the heavy side. That's fine, except for the middle area. With a quick run on the bottom area, lift jump, then off to a side, I can get +100 health, +150 shield, and my choice of shock rifle or lightning gun. I don't know if you want the center area to be the focus of the map, but my guess is when you can get ultra power ups and great weapons the middle area will be the most flooded area on the map. If you don't want that, perhaps tone down the powerups in the middle.

      The lifts are fine in my opinion. They give enough boost to get from the bottom to the top of the map. I think with such ease in moving vertical gameplay can be interesting.

      A note on the skybox. The water below isn't moving, it's just a bunch of frozen waves. It looks kinda weird. Very nice detail, but still weird.

      This is a very cool map. I'm looking forward to the final release. It'll be a keeper.


        thanx for the criticisms
        about the sound i didn't work on it but yes there will be some sounds
        i will look at the others


          very nice map m8. I took a quick look at it, and came across a few things:
          (dont know if these things were mentioned already, cause I didnt read all the comments)

          -the middle area is a bit bright
          - I think the map makes a better CTF map than a DM map
          - comments from the screen:

          keep up the good work :up:


            thanx for the ideas Aim'Kei

            about the wooden planks it can be done yep
            about the hole in the high hallway, it is not necessary because you can easily do the lift jump by the side of the hallway with a wall dodge at the end

            there will certainly be a CTF version of the map


              Planks? Wood? no.... it would ruin the overall Aesthetics for the map. Maybe something that would be in there say like a support beam or some decor that could 2nd as something that Aim"Kei is referring to. But IMO anything not matching and looking very out of place like "wooden planks" would ruin the aesthetics of the layout.


                Looks fresh.

                Good luck. ^^


                  What about replacing the teleporters with the flags for the ctf-version?

                  For the suggestion with the wooden planks:
                  What about something you can slide on along the wall?


                    Originally posted by ION3
                    For the suggestion with the wooden planks:
                    What about something you can slide on along the wall?
                    i will "trim" the doors :weird:


                      *bumps* how's it going on?


                        BUMPITY bump!


                          the next (and final beta i think) will come soon (this week i hope)


                            Okay, i'll wait for that one me thinks


                              OK beta 2 available (see first post )

                              new :
                              - zoning and antiportals even if with all the things added the FPS is not so much better (mini 30-35 with medium settings and an old computer)
                              - sound design, i removed the music (no rights ...)
                              - converted a lot of things into statics
                              - finished the design and lighting of some parts
                              - changed player count to 4/8
                              - changed a little the weapons/items placement (i hope i understood well all the suggestions) but i'm still not sure of it (feedback please )
                              - decreased the lighting intensity
                              - changed some collision, falling height, and a lot of small things ...

                              known bugs :
                              - in TAM, bots seems to like being stucked under the engine rooms lifts (i don't know if it is TAM related though)
                              - a few small BSP collision problems

                              thanx a lot for all the suggestions and good feedback i had so far :up: :up: :up: (ION3 for zoning :heart: )

                              a few things to do for the final :
                              - description
                              - area name zoning
                              - screenshot preview
                              - some texture adjusting ...


                                Checked it:
                                Give me the name of the map i sent you so i can send you another one.
                                the Zoning still doesn't occlude very well if you are in the light green zone looking towards the center.
                                Birds up there are very unlikely.
                                Try to avoid large polys on Static meshes. They are bad for lighting since it's vertex based on them.
                                The small zone at the Flak is likely useless.
                                The level is, as far as i can tell, mostly processor intensive. That means you shouldn't put in many small SM's (Static Meshes) but few big ones. Try to make some of the many small lamps you put in one sm. The same counts for the many small SMs in the machinerooms.