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BR-Garrison 27-D (Beta)

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    BR-Garrison 27-D (Beta)

    Title: BR-Garrison 27-D
    Release Date: 02/18/2006
    Version: Beta1


    Garrison 27-D is inspired by CTF-Imperial(aka Garrison 27-D) from Jedi Knight2:Jedi Outcast. I always loved this map in JK2, and I thought It could work well for Bombing Run/CTF in UT04. I deviated a bit with the layout, but I tried to keep it as true to the original as possible. I haven't gone crazy with filling the map with static mesh, but I have tried to incorporate it as much as possible. The original was a bit less open in some places, mainly around the bridges. I left them a bit more open intentionally, allowing for long passes. I also put jump pads in by the central bridge, so the ballcarrier can get back up to the second level. I tried to mirror the weapon placement from JK2 as well, but I felt it didn't work too well for UT04. The weapons are just far different, so I placed them in a means that I feel is pretty evenly distributed. In JK2, you obviously had the force jump abilities; I contemplated placing the jump boots in the level, but decided not to. I think the layout lends well to UT04 gameplay, and I decided I should not try and make this map into "Unreal Jedi Knight 2".

    I'm especially interested in comments for the weapon layout. I tried to distribute the weapons throughout the map, so It doesn't become a spam fest.
    any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

    No bot paths as of yet, I want to see how the layout works before pathing it.



    I'd just like to point out that the borked version of the "BR-map" icon in the sub-forums list is one of these: :cry:. Atari has a subtle sense of humor :P.


      OHHHH!!! Need a DM Ver of this! Pwease of Pwease say you'll do it.


        no prob. was planning a CTF version too.


          Wootage, downloading and editing this post later for feedback.