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Thread Icons and Posting format

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    Thread Icons and Posting format

    Please use the thread Icons when posting.

    From the rules:

    Message Icons
    • You MUST choose a relevent message icon for a new thread. Not choose one will result in a warning and your thread being removed.
    • If you don't see an icon for the topic you wish to discuss, you are in the wrong forum. Mod ideas and concept discussions belong in the Mod Request Forum, and editing questions here and programming questions belong here.
    • Vehicle CTF belongs under MOD MAP for now.
    • The OFFICIAL icon is for Admins only use of it will result in a ban.

    Also, please use the proper formatting, also found in the rules, when posting.

    Same rules apply here, PLEASE use the thread icons!

    The thread ICONS are for the Maps and Mods section of the UT2004 forums only, please refrain from using them in other areas. Thank you!


      The message icons should now be appearing when you edit your posts.