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Puyo Puyo non fps total conversion mod [pic]

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    Puyo Puyo non fps total conversion mod [pic]

    The mod is a Puyo Puyo clone for Unreal Tournament 2007. Puyo Puyo is a puzzle game. If you don't know what Puyo Puyo is this site http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.c...o/puyopuyo.htm will give you a good idea of what Puyo Puyo is.

    What our mod will have:
    The mod will basically be Puyo Puyo for UT2007 with extra game modes and features.
    It will feature 3D graphics but be set up in the classic 2D view. The camera will swing around and shake and there will be a few viewing options.
    It will support offline multiplayer up to 4 players and up to 32 players over LAN and internet with up to 4 players on each PC.
    Besides 1 on 1 and up to 4 player free for all it will also include team games.
    The game will also have artificial intelligence (bots) that can be used in multiplayer and single player games.
    It will also have a single player story mode (involving Unreal characters instead of Puyo Puyo characters). There will also be an Endless Puyo Puyo mode that can be played online as well.
    Breaking away from classic Puyo Puyo we may also include a new 3D puyo puyo gametype. Adding depth the the playing field. We are unsure of this feature at the moment though.

    basic concept image

    Goal: Our goal is to make a great Puyo Puyo game with multiplayer over the internet. Puyo Puyo is HUGE in Japan, we want to bring the best puzzle game to the US. We will start making a basic version of the game for Unreal Tournament 2004 so when UT2007 comes out we will have one of the first playable mods.


    Level Design/Modelling : I have experience in level design and modelling and will be doing the majority of it. But if you are intrested we wouldn't mind having another person or two for level design and modelling.

    Programming: We need a lead programer. Preferably with Unreal Script experience. I can do some of the programming and have a lot of java experience but haven't done much with unreal script. So you won't be alone.

    Animation: We could use a an animator or two with any experience. I could do this myself but would prefer someone with experience takes the role.

    We don't need a very big team for this game, just a few dedicated people. It shouldn't take too long to make. We won't really need artists until UT2K7 is released but an early start would only help. I have all of information we will need for Puyo Puyo, such as the mathematical equations used for gameplay.

    If anyone is interested the best way to contact me is through an instant messenger or you can email me at

    2k7? Why so long? That may not be coming out until later in the year, I'm sure you could crank out a 2k4 version before then.

    btw, if you need another LD, I'd be happy to pitch in a few maps. I love little games like these, I helped out Mr. Evil for his Nali Bricks mod.


      Hmm, come to think of it, I may have some time to help you out with programming if you need it.


        That would help a lot. I'll contact you tomorrow.
        I have some details on a web site now. (actually it is pretty much what I posted here)


          great mod idea !!! i love this game