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    Tapping the Nerve conversion Mod

    Name: Tapping the Nerve

    Version: Build 1025

    Compatibility: UT2004

    Description: Tapping the Nerve is a 3rd person puzzle game in which you take on the role of Dr. Jones, a disembodied brain who has been double-crossed by his jealous lab assistant, Roger. You have only one goal in mind (no pun intended): to escape the lab and recover your body! But to do so, you must learn to use your unique powers of mental posession to take control of the other lab creatures and escape.

    This is a UT2K4 total conversion mod.

    Installation: Just download the rar and extract the contents to the UT2004 install directory. You'll find a launch shortcut in the C:\UT2004\Nerve\ folder. (Adjust your UT2k4 install directory location as required).

    Comments: Please try this mod out. A lot of hard work went into it, and I think you'll all be very pleased with what the team did with it.

    This mod was built over a 9 month period in 2004/2005, and I'm only just getting around to posting it now. Better late than never, I suppose.

    For all intents and purposes, this is a final build. There are some known bugs with this build that will not be fixed, which is why it's in the Beta section. The development team is no longer together and so no support can be provided. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Aside from that, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this mod.


    Credits: Team Think Tank (see in game credits), The Art Institute of Vancouver - Burnaby, Raphael Acosta of Team Lotus (Path of Vengeance)



    looks fun! I've been dying for a good puzzler/platform game. DLing right now! Kinda has a Psychonauts look to it. I'll post some feedback after i check it out. could you fix the screenshots so they are hyperlinked? The BBCode aren't working right.


      Heh. Not a problem. I was in the process of fixing that just as you were posting, actually.



        look at the screenies! if those are how the entire game is, this looks like itll be fun! dling now!

        on, and btw, just an fyi, its not "for all intensive purposes", but "for all intents and purposes". i hate seeing people make that mistake. it happens way too often. if we're going to speak the language, we might as well learn the proper way to speak it, carn-sarn it!


          My goodness, you're right. It IS "for all intents and purposes". How long have I been making that mistake? /blush

          Post has been edited. Enjoy the game. :-)


            Originally posted by lockan
            My goodness, you're right. It IS "for all intents and purposes". How long have I been making that mistake? /blush

            Post has been edited. Enjoy the game. :-)
            lol, im changing the world, one ut2k4 mapper at a time.

            i only just realized that it was 11:30pm, and i have to work tommorrow, so ill provide feedback tommorrow night after work.


              ok, i had some time to play it today before work and heres what i have to say about this mod:

              i love the concept. its a very interesting premise for a good puzzle game. however, it was poorly executed. how many levels were there? i found two, is that the right number? if so, way too few levels. it was entertaining for about an hour for me, then i beat it, and it showed that weak movie that left me thinking it was a rush job that couldve probably been longer. it wouldve been shorter for me, but there were other things that were hindering me.

              first off, the game was very glitchy. for example, if i were running forward, then i jumped, all the while holding forward, the animation and/or sound of the animation would stop until i let the button go and pressed it again. the enemy AI seems to be a bit screwed up, to. as an example, the hover dog in the second level would be able to see me through walls and obsticles as long as i was within radius of it. this made it very annoying to get the spider child under the desk. sometimes, the dog would get caught on something and just kinda hover there. and when i was in the mech thingy, it would see me, turn around, and run away. im not sure if its supposed to do that, but it does.

              nextly, the wall climbing, mech thingy. im going to be blunt. the camera, plainly, flat out stinks on that mech. what i recommend, is to go to the author of the transpider thread and ask him how he got the camera to work well for it. that crazy camera delayed me finishing the level for a good 10 minutes or so. very frustrating.

              next, the instructions for the controls that appear onscreen are kinda odd to get through the first time through. its not like theyre hard to read, but that theres no way to go back and see the instrustions or objectives after they dissapear. it would be nice to see a screen in the options menu for configuring controls and looking up objectives. half the time, i would just randomly stab at the controls hoping to get something good. i would try f1, it would reload the level (or in the case of the first level, go to the second[?] level. the one in the library). one thing i learned the hard way was that you should never, for the love of god, push the f2 button.

              another thing that really slowed me down was that i was never told that i had to go to the switch on the wall and "use" it to deactivate the force field. this took a considerable amount of time to figure out. i knew to get to the switch, but i had no idea if my weight was supposed to flip it (because its as big as me) or if i was suppose to drop onto it, or what. finally i just started pressing buttons randomly, and the use key did the trick.

              well, thats about it. its very buggy, but a decent start. make a few more levels, address the bugs, polish just a bit more, and repost it. ill be here to review it.


                Well, I'll try to address everything point by point.

                First off, yes, there are only 2 levels. The project was being done between other classes and assignments and jobs and social lives and a billion other things. So even though we had 9 months, our actual working time was limited to only a few hours each week. The purpose was to make more of a working prototype than a full game. Believe me, it wasn't rushed. But we did plan it to be very short for time constraint reasons, and so we planned a rather smale scale game. It would have been great if we could have taken it further, but time and man-hours required just wouldn't have allowed.

                I totally agree about the bugs. Again, it's in the Beta section of this forum for that very reason. Towards the end of the project, finishing it became far more important than fixing bugs. And with only a single programmer, there was only so much we could fix. So we had to prioritize a lot of things. Fixing glitches and camera issues became secondary to making sure the game didn't just outright crash and that all the necessary gameplay pieces were in place.
                Another month of nothing but bug fixing would definitely have been nice.

                The control instructions is something that we probably hadn't considered, so I'm glad you mentioned it. I'll be sure to keep that in mind for any future projects I may become involved in.

                As for the switch, well, I'm not sure what to say there. We figured it would be fairly self explanatory, but I guess we were wrong. Lesson learned. However, I should note that part of our design goals were to make the game somewhat exploratory. We didn't want to feed the end user all the answers up front.

                I'm still glad to hear you played through it, and thank you for the critique. I mostly just wanted it to get some exposure, since up until now it basically never left the walls of our school. It seems such a shame that we spent so much time working on something that nobody got to see.


                  yes, it is a shame. i hope you get more time to make more levels, because the graphics of the game make a very nice, twisted sort of diversion from unreal. its very cartoony and i happen to like it like that. i should mention that i played it a second time to make sure i didnt miss anything and i think i found another something wrong. i dont think theres anyway to actually "complete" the first level. maybe i missed an objective somewhere, but i got to the part where you took over the guards mind and made him open the door. after that, i couldnt find anything else to do to finish the level. i walked in there with the guard, made him walk around the lab, punching random areas looking for a switch, tried to "use" the door with all the playable characters, and nothing. am i missing something? or is this another glitch?

                  as for the switch, i knew i had to get to it, and i knew that i had to flip it, it was just that i didnt know how. the "use" button wasnt really mentioned in the controls overview(that i had noticed) and so i figured that it wasnt used until i got desperate and began hitting random buttons.

                  also, on my second playthrough, i played around with various codes(mostly ghost) and explored the ins and outs of the levels. tell me, whats with that fire fish thing in the fireplace? i took control of it and swam/flew it through the level a bit. i didnt find anything that i could do with it other than open up the passage thats blocked by wood behind the picture above the fireplace. this passage only led into the fireplace behind the fish, or led up a hall to a wall that has another passage behind it leading to the forcefield. maybe an aspect of the game you didnt incorprate? or another way to finish the level thatwent the same way as the way to finish the first level?


                    Looks nice, but could somebody upload it to a faster mirror, like File Front or something? 7kbs isn't fun.


                      Once you've opened the door with the guard all you need to do is walk straight towards the door in the hallway. Not the one that was guarded, mind you. Just go straight. It should skip you to the second level. I'll also note that there's a known issue where you start the second level in the closet with the brains. you're supposed to start at the end of the hallway in the blue area. Again, another issue we were aware of but never had the time to fix.

                      The firefish was a "surprise". So I wont' tell you what he's there for. He does something, I assure you, but you'll have to figure it out for yourself. Again, it's partly intended to be an exploratory game.

                      Also, if you use the ghost code, things generally just go wrong and the whole game breaks. Note to other users: don't use the cheats unless you want terribly bad things to happen.

                      I may be able to get a mirror up in a few days, but I can't make any promises.


                        Honestly, I do not see why someone has not approached you with the possiblity of having you do this for the PS3 or some console platform. That is definitly good enough for a pro. company to get ahold of and start cranking some bank on it. Plays good looks good and the audio factor is a +4 on the scale of 1 thru 4 m8.


                          Just a quick notice: I've blocked access to the download temporarily. I'm quickly eating up my allotted download bandwidth.

                          I'll post the file to filefront shortly. The site is down ATM, but once it's running I'll post a new download link. Thanks.

                          If anybody else is willing to host the file on their webserver, please feel free to post another link.


                            Originally posted by JP-Studios
                            Honestly, I do not see why someone has not approached you with the possiblity of having you do this for the PS3 or some console platform. That is definitly good enough for a pro. company to get ahold of and start cranking some bank on it. Plays good looks good and the audio factor is a +4 on the scale of 1 thru 4 m8.
                            It definitely looks pro, but I wouldn't say it was PS3 worthy. More like PSP. The textures are fantastic but the polys are too low for nex-gen consoles. I mean if it came out on the PS3, it would go straight to the $20 rack at best. Something like this would most likely be fit as a side game on a children's activity DVD-ROM or as a cell phone game... (then again it might be too many polys for a cell phone game). More than likely, your team will not have to work for the video slot-machine makers, which is where much of the New AiI GAD students will start out. I teach Game Modeling and Animation - MAX - at AICSD... don't take what I say as gospel, but you can probably guage well enough by my experience. Overall, it is definitely professional quality, even if a little behind.


                              LIKE OMGZ! STILL NO D/L HOST!!!!?! FICKS PLEASE! LAWL!