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DM-TCMP-Gilles [Beta9]

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    DM-TCMP-Gilles [Beta9]

    Name: DM-TCMP-Gilles

    Version: Beta 9

    Compatibility: UT2004, latest patch and bonus pack

    "Desparate was I, and deeper I delved
    Into the forbidden and profane.
    My lust for wealth began to sublimate
    Into murderous perversions of flesh and hate.
    So many innocents I partook from the village...
    ...they served me well."

    Gilles de Laval de Rais, the precursor to the modern day serial killer from France in the 1400's. "The Pious Monster" was an aristrocrat, a soldier and a raper, torturer and killer of many innocent children.

    Comments: Please give this a look through and let me know what you think. What you like, what you don't like and what's missing.

    beta 9 changes:
    Too many to name, but the screenshots are now completely outdated.
    beta 5 changes:
    -tweaked weapon/pick up placement a bit more
    -reduced texture usage to be more consistent
    -added more architecture here and there
    -more graphical tweaks
    beta 3 changes:
    -[BIOS] helped me greatly by altering weapon/pick up placement and adding some lifts for lift jump possiblities
    -Added some windows for moonlight to enter on curve by shock rifle
    -With [BIOS]' help, added cover and another drop down into dungeon above 100s
    beta 2 changes: followed much of [BIOS] and LS' feedback.
    -changed lighting in dungeon
    -added more connectivity to higher levels with lift and jump pads
    -changed texture on arches
    -moved some weapons around


    Credits: Myself for some custom meshes, [BIOS] for permission to use grates, arches from DM-UCMP2-Taron. Hazel for the great skybox and Hourences for the great texture packs.
    Sjosz, Slainchild, Saka and all the folks from UCMP and TCMP for help/feedback. And especially [BIOS] for creating for me, a color-blind fool, a great looking sky.
    Former bandmate, Sean Curry, for writing such a disturbing song and giving me inspiration for this level.

    For complete lyrics from song visit: Gilles de Laval de Rais lyrics
    To listen to spoken word instrumental visit: Gilles de Laval de Rais song

    Homepage: look above

    Download: Download


    looking good man! here are some thoughts in random order:

    the theme is creeping here and there. in the bio room you have sorta a quakish thing going, and the rest of the castle is more standard castle stuff. i like both, but the bio room seems a little too different. might just be me tho...

    regarding the rocky room with the double healths down on the lower level, the rock that the health spawns are sitting on has wonky collision. in addition to that, i think that room is too risky for what you get. it would be cool if you could add some sort of jumppad/lift where the hole in the ceiling is (where you can drop down from) to add a bit of flow to this room. the room will still be risky, but not a total death trap.

    there are torches everywhere except for the rocket hallway, which has lights. i'd say put torches anywhere you have light sources.

    speaking of light sources, the shadows you are casting with the grating and the little, inset torch boxes are rather overbearing and really damage the ambience of the lighting. if you could tone them down (both in size and radius) i think they'd look more realistic and let some of the natural light areas work better.

    the flow for the prison area is really bad. it's a huge area, and there's little reason to go down there. and there aren't many ways to escape it, which makes the gameplay down there rather predictable. the room with the torture table would make a perfect place to put in a jumppad that shoots you up a level (into a hallway, right next to a lift). you'd have to remove the table though, and allow players to access that room freely.

    the action right now is centered around the flak/link/double health area. item placement is to blame. i'd suggest (for starters) swapping the flak and the bio rifle. i think weapon placement really needs some tweaking. i'll try and give you some feedback this weekend on that specifically.

    i'd like to see more "windows" in the outer walls of the castle to take advantage of the natural lighting. the torches are nice, but i think they need to be balanced more with some nice moonlight.

    i think there needs to be some more z-axis connectivity, specifically in ways to get UP a level -- on the lower level there aren't as many ways up as I would have liked.


      woah, screenies look schweet. d/l

      just a couple quickie comments - haven't played it much yet, just flew around...

      the jail area - agreed with BIOS. I think also the lighting down there is a bit stale too.

      agreed with the lightmapping shadows being quite strong.

      the arches you borrowed - use a different texture on them. because you're using the same as the wall, things don't line up and it looks bad.

      blocking volumes are needed in many places.

      there is some areas that have a touch of slowdown when you're looking towards center of the map.

      the are where the Udam is gave me a *****. that's very nice. as is the skybox matching the theme - looks hot.

      I'll post more later.


        Nice screenshots ... very nice...


          Downloading, feedback forthcoming


            fab lighting on the castle towers. Brings out the detail well.


              Thanks for the feedback folks.
              I have updated this to beta2.
              You can find the new download along with changes made on the original post.

              Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.





                  anyone? Bueller?


                    Great map man. Looks like you got the layout all sorted out, and it plays nice. The looks are nice aswell.


                      Originally posted by Axeman3173
                      anyone? Bueller?
                      sorry...i'll give it a run through tomorrow, it's been a very busy week.


                        check yer pms axeman...


                          Beta 3 is now available. Check first post for download.

                          Thanks, in advance, for feedback.



                            404 for that file