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    CTF-Oraxin [BETA][PICS][D/L]

    1. Name: CTF-Oraxin
    2. Version: Public Beta version1
    3. Compatibility: UT2004
    4. Description: A somewhat large CTF map that is set in an old explosives manufacturing/testing complex.
    5. Comments: Dark industrial map again (I promise, the next one isn't! ) but not nearly as dark as my last map. It's a fairly large map, and my third real map, and I tried out some new stuff on this one.
    6. Screenshots:

    7. Credits: Me, and the unrealed goblin. He really hates me I think.
    8. Homepage:
    9. Download:

    EDIT: Beta2/prefinal is ready. Grab it at !

    I like the Screenshots, Very UT99
    I like your avatar
    I like UTR

    I'll play it when i have time


      Nice map and Avatar, where did you get it?


        Nice layout, got that oldskool feel Here are a few suggestions / things I found:

        Spawn point and health pack placement

        I think this ramp needs some more texturing detail - perhaps you could add some tiles or a different texture in the middle. How about some dry grass and junk on the terrain at the side?

        I managed to shield jump onto the meshes behind the flag. It's a good place for the flag carrier to hide... too good

        There are a couple of places where steps are too steep and you need to jump to get over them. You could add an extra step or ramp here.

        - I find it kinda dark in some areas, like you said
        - Most of the small lights on the walls/ceiling would look better with coronas
        - The low door at the bottom of the ramp blocks my dodge jumps (is this intentional?), and bots sometimes thrown the translocator at the roof here.
        - You can translocate onto ceiling beams in some of the rooms, just make sure you put blocking volumes here in the final version

        Hope this helps, I look forward to seeing the map when it's finished


          Thanks for all the feedback so far.

          I've got little blockingvolume wedges on most of the things that are too high to walk up, musta missed that one.

          I'm working on all the bugs, this is a good start. I'm sprucing up the visuals a bit for the next version, too.

          And BTW, I made the avatar from a UC2 screenshot, just got rid of the background.


            Beta2/prefinal is ready. There are numerous fixes including, but not limited to:

            -Fixed the ugly unlit floor caused by BSP bugs near link
            -added a fair amout of general deatail
            -Fixed/imporved collision quite a bit, cut off access to some areas that should have been accessable
            -Fixed the huge gaping holes in the terrain and made it look generally better
            -tons of major small tweaks/bugfixes

            If you would be so kind as to test this, grab it at .


              Just read the captions in here, nice map!

              Just like to say hi because we play in the BU server




                  Heya Kin, yeah, I recognised your name from FragBU. As an aside, centered weapons rock :tup:

                  Thanks for the feedback, I'll fix all of that, although I think I'm going to leave the ledge unsolid or make it solid but so that you can't get up there. It really stinks to come out that door and get blasted from right above you, at least in my experience.

                  If nobody else comments, I'l probably release tomorrow.


                    Alright, I'm releasing. The final includes a lot of collision tweaking, numerous bugfixes, 2-3 more visual enhancements, adren pickups, map screenshots/description, and best of a all, a VASTLY imporved botpathing system.

                    Go ahead and get it!


                    Hope you enjoy, will be posting in the releases section soon!
                    Big thanks to everyone who helped me with this, it means so much to me as a mapper and as a person. I wish I could give you e-cookies or something.


                      I'm sad to inform you that after the rebuild. I caught a hom

                      Imageshack is messed up ill show you in a bit.




                        I guess I'll live, although now I need to release a SE/FE/LE or whatever. Thanks for the heads up though.