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    any new pics from this version?


      Alright, I'll get some. Mostly changed is the outside area. It has terrain and cliffs now...

      P.S. MsM, I hope I went to the right direction with the outside area. :bulb:





        Please don't use the antalus rock walls, try to use a canyon type mesh for the barrier walls.


          Hmm... Does UT2k4 have those ready or do I have to make them myself?

          Or maybe I'd use the Aridoom terrain theme...


            UT2004 has some ready made ones. You could put some skins on the IceCliffs.usx ones, or there are some desert ones (I forget teh package, but you could find out pretty easily by looking at ONS-Aridoom)


              Bump... I want some more comments on alpha 2 before I start working on alpha 3.


                Alright, I've been working on this a bit less and I've been working on Wanderlust more and more after a few more members became active.

                But I'll try to get the alpha 3 out sometime.



                  Well, I did a run through, mainly cause im looking for ideas for a DM map myself, but hey

                  Its a good start, and could be a very nice map. Just a few comments here.

                  First thing that stuck out, and I was supprised it stuck out so much, was that I REALLY wanted to stand just above the duct you have. Make a pipe/platform or something just above it, so I can look back towards the lift, you should have to go to the top to get to it.

                  The shock hall seemed too bland. It also didnt seem to flow well. I was thinking maybe a duct to the LG room?

                  Same with the flak room on the bottom, all that space for just a weapon, that won't be used near there... Perhaps a lift to the mini-gun room, or perhaps a duct to the Bio Hall, or perhaps both

                  I was dissapointed when I couldn't wall-dodge out the LG window to get to the platform with the Vials outside. (in best whiney-freedom-mover-voice )

                  Also, the rest of lifts move too slow for my tastes. That and I don't like doors that I have to touch first but im sure thats just temp.

                  Btw, is Wanderlust operational again? I fell out after things seems to die, but I wouldn't mind being a modeler for somethings.


                    Thanks for the comments man.

                    Been working on the shock hall, it has a larger room now with a lift to get to the shock. The flak room will be changed. A ramp to the SShield room or the mini-room.

                    I'll think about the rest of the suggestions.

                    And yes, WL is back. Contact Kris for info. Right now we could use anykinda help, mainly a coder could be useful.


                      Cool, il try to keep up on this map, make sure you give it your best

                      Also, were you thinking UScript or other Programming Language?