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DM-Further Beta2

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    DM-Further Beta2

    1v1 Dueling map
    Techo-Egyptian style textures and meshes
    Gameplay oriented - Single Atrium Multi Tiered layout
    Competitive / Professional style

    This map is in beta2 of my production cycle, I'm quite happy with the gameplay, but I'm looking for comments in regards to graphics issues and suggested improvements to the map. Weapon and armour placement is pretty final at the moment

    Map file:


    I'm looking for suggestions or comments, my email address is included in the map information itself, but otherwise it is

    Looking forward to your feedback

    Cool! Looks great so far. Keep up the good work and let us know when its finished. :up: :up:


      I like. The teleporter in the water room that takes you to the Flak seems somehow out of place. Maybe its just because I like jump pads better.

      You can TL into the skybox thing... that should be fixed I think.

      Is there a way to get to the shield up on the shelf with the TL?


        Eww, take that DM-TL off

        I LOVE single-a multi-t maps. That QuakeWorldish goodness just flows back.

        To answer the 50 question, you can dodge from the very top ledge, or boost-dodge from the ledge/wall just below. I'm sure there are other ways.

        It does play very well, which I didn't expect at first as all the walkways were very, very open. The graphics on the other hand I disliked, most probably because I hate the texture-set However, the edges do need to be 'rimmed' properly, and maybe add in some more movement friendly static meshes around the outside, rather than hulking great nasty pylon efforts. I didn't expect movement to be restricted on such an oldskool map Otherwise it's rather nice, and I'm not going to let my texture-biased opinions ruin this for you, I'll leave the comments to someone who can stomach them

        Keep up the good work though! This one's staying on my rotation.


          Yeah, looks a bit like a qw or cpma map, but dno if those work well in ut2k3. DM-rajudgementX was a remake of aerowalk but I didn't like the map too much in ut2k3 although that is my personal opinion.


            Looks pretty cool. D/L'ing now


              A straight conversion of aerowalk was never going to work, it just didn't play to UT's strengths at all. Single atrium highly Z axis maps, however, can still work, they just need to be tailored to the physics and movement engine.


                many thanks for the comments .

                The map IS supposed to have a quake feel to the gameplay, where there are many routes of movement at all points in the map. Rebuilding a quakeworld map simply wouldn't work. the physics aren't made the same.

                I'll be make some more adjustments to the map tonight, and trying to get those annoying static meshes out of the way and replace them with some move movement friendly details.
                hurrah for bsp I say.


                  Plays very nicely. Would play better without the teleporter though.


                    what a wonderful map, great flow and looks nice too, youve got a perfect balance going. as stated, i believe too it would play better with no teleporter.