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    Name: Transpider
    Version: 1.3
    Compatibility: ut2k4 epe
    Description: a replacement for the translocater
    Comments: thanks to porkmanii we have it!
    its uber sexy and fun to play with
    Credits: porkmanii for making it, me for thinking of it and for going to beta 1.3 from 1.0, rest for helping
    Homepage: of date,porkmanii made it)
    mirror one
    mirror 2

    (from the readme is as follow)
    TranSpider (Beta 1.3)


    the next level of translocatig technology

    The Weapon:

    The TranSpider launcher looks like a normal Translocator, but fires Spider beacons as well as regular ones. Spider beacons look like Spider Mines with translocator beacons attached to their heads.


    Primary Fire - Normal Trans beacon or Deploys a Spider, depending on the current mode. If a beacon/Spider is active, recalls it (Spiders explode when recalled.)

    Alt Fire - While a beacon is active, translocates, otherwise toggles Normal/Spider TL mode. While in Spider mode, an icon will be shown on the HUD indicating whether a Spider has been deployed.

    Q (SwitchWeapon 10) - While in Spider deployment mode, switches to Spider Control Mode (see below.) While in normal TL mode, views the Translo-camera as usual.

    Spider Control Mode:

    While in Spider Control Mode, you play as the Spider. As the Spider, you can wall-crawl, and generally go places you wouldn't normally be able to go (taking your Translocator beacon with you.)

    Primary Fire - Causes the Spider to self-destruct, returning control to the player.

    Alt Fire - Translocates the player to the Spider's location. If there is not enough space for the player, translocation will fail.

    The usual movement keys (i.e. w/a/s/d/space) control the Spider's movement.

    Next/Previous Weapon - Zooms the third-person camera in and out.

    Crouch - Spiders cannot crouch, so pressing crouch allows the Spider to drop from a ceiling or wall. This helps in tight corridors, where jumping from one wall would just put you on the opposite wall.

    Console Commands:

    MouseBoost <value> - While controlling a Spider, mouse sensitivity tends to reduce. To compensate for this, use the MouseBoost console command (i.e. "MouseBoost 1.0".) The default sensitivity boost is 1.0 (100%).

    The Mutator:

    The TranSpider mutator replaces the normal Translocator with the TranSpider launcher.


    Allow Behind View:
    Enable this to allow behind view for Spiders. If enabled, Next- and PrevWeapon control the zoom level.

    Allow Driving:
    Enable this to allow TranSpiders to drive vehicles. 'Allow Use' must also be enabled.

    Allow Use:
    Enable this to allow TranSpiders to use things (i.e. Power Nodes to teleport, and vehicles.)

    Always Allow TranSpider:
    Enable this to override the game rules so each player always starts with a TranSpider.

    Destroy Invalid Beacons:
    Enable this to destroy the Spider Beacon when a Translocation fails (i.e. not enough room at the destination.)

    Draw Camera Overlay:
    Enable this to obstruct the view like the normal Translocam.

    Max Camera Dist:
    Defines the maximum range of the Spider's camera.

    How much damage the Transpider can take. (i.e. Health)

    How much damage the Transpider does when it blows up.

    More options are planned for future versions.

    when adding grenades to TranSpider it will slow down


    Copy the following files to your UT2004\System directory:
    - Transpider
    - TranSpider.u
    - TranSpider.ucl

    Files you can throw away
    - Transpider1.3 folder
    - ReadMe

    Version History

    Beta 0.9:
    - intial release

    Beta 1.0:
    - fixed some network-related issues; controlling the Spider in a network game should now be possible

    Beta 1.2:
    - change to Spider Mode alt fire for easier use on servers
    - default damage increased
    - new Description
    - extra s is now gone

    Beta 1.3:
    - Health/ArmorStrenght can now be changed between 50-1000
    - Damage can now be changed between 10-1000
    - changed deathmessages
    - lowered mommentum to realistic levels
    - updated the Readme a 3rd time


    The TranSpider has been Net-Work tested and so far it works.


    Programmed by Steve "PsychoticSteve" Gray (a.k.a. porkmanii)
    From Beta 1.0 to Final Programming will be taken up by David (a.k.a Sarge-David)
    help has been given to programmers by people on the forems, we salute you

    Porkmanii deserves most of the Credit, I David will take the rest if offered

    Much thought and suggestions have come from the forumers on this thread on the Atari Forums:
    (still there but is no longer in use)

    I won't name names, as I'm bound to miss out one or two who've given valuable input.

    not mentioned in readme
    Bug and other things list from this and past betas
    - can get -1 and 0 health on transpider, i did not test it with 0 health but i did find out that -1 health makes it unstoppable
    - can go between -1000 to 1000 damage, negative heals enemys, not friends unless teamdamage is on.
    - in places with small groves on statics like the bridges at bridge of faith, the spider will get weird, sorry but i cant help that from happening because of how the transpider is made and how i dont know enough about unreal script to fix it
    - the spider will not climb blocking volumes, if the mapper has used blocking volumes in walls,ceilings,ect then it cant be helped, this is to keep it from running across blocking volumes that just sceme stupid to run across
    - with god mode on you can still kill yourself when in spider mode, also others can.
    - bots will not shoot your body when your in spider mode, but people will, watch out.
    - ect ect ect.

    0.o Interesting idea.


      download and comment


        does this make telefragging easier?

        love the idea


          Great concept.


            it is easier to telefrag right now

            and theres alot of fun you can have with this because it goes to places no ordinary traslocater or spider mine can go^^

            i got a pic of a good stop but to lazy to put it up atm


              Whoohooo! Great idea! :up:
              A few suggestions:
              - The spider is being too heavy, so you can't throw it long distances and it's too hard translocating to higher floors.
              - If you put the spider down a pickup and you translocate, you won't take the pickup...
              - Add an option to allow the spiders to take jumppads, or just add the feature in the 'allow spiders use things' option there is already... Another option to allow them to take lifts would be OK, although you can climb the walls already...
              - Spiders using vehicles is too much IMO. It would be better it they just could ride them, but if you want to shoot, you'd have to translocate into the vehicle.
              - Add an option to turn on-off the 'spiders walking on walls' feature.
              - Once when I was playing a CTF match the TranSpider got unabled and I only had the normal Translocator beacon until I died... I don't know what I did...
              Keep up the good work!


                yea its interesting

                we got some things comming

                1=a bungie cord(for the spider line thing)
                2=they can use teleporters
                3=yes there heavy but who really cares?
                you can move them to where you want them to go
                4=atm GOD mode dont work right
                when in normal mode the transpider can die(if die atm it wont come trying to fix that)
                if in spider mode your main char can die
                5=vehicle driving is an option
                6=health+speed+others will be added at a later version
                7=i rushed it a little so that not all features are in but its version .9 beta
                8=yea the wall walking will be an option
                9=when the spider isnt deployed press atl fire to change to a normal translocater(ITS IN THE READ ME!)
                10=pokmanii is the maker because i dont know script yet
                11=forgot rest but there are more things to do :P

                COMMAND TO GET IT
                summon TransSpider.ts_SpiderLauncherTPickup

                this should help tell you all with questions for this is the link to the topic that started the creation



                  Very interesting, how about combining the sticky trans with your trans giving the ability to stick to ceilings then walk across them?!?!


                    it can

                    go to the mod idea forem to see the latest news :P


                      NET mode?

                      your spiders are good but for some reason online the beacon detaches when viewed and the spider won't move. Did you add any thing for net mode compatability?


                        yea they new net 1 is out and on our development topic in the mod idea section



                          well heres something

                          i made a vehicle that attaches to a spider monster its cool cause you can actually sit in the spider but down side is the gun can't fire due to geting the aiming vectors based on world 0,0,0 spot this its probly due to some limit in the engine that prevents tracking of the vehicle when bound to a pawn instead of the other way around but you can still get in and out fine.

                          ops i got carried away heh i have a mode of remote control for the spider but that gets messed up in net mode found out that epics force model invades any thing even if its suposed to be overridden by a replace mesh command
                          so my advice don't use a skeletal mesh pawn with player controller unless you can fix the mesh bug!


                            dude the online 1 is up somewhere i will just put a link here
                            it only be a min
                            where the hyper link go?
                            DOWNLOAD FOR BETA1.0
                            where 2 get all the downloads for it...also my SSF collection
                            (pictures i made with a twist)


                              maybe is new version

                              put default translocator to be first

                              and right click to be a spider

                              because all people want the normal translocator to escape fire and fast moving ... but we want spider only when i want to use it ... (right click)