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the GibGun [RELEASE]

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    the GibGun [RELEASE]

    Download here

    From the readme: NOT INCLUDED

    GibGun UT2k3
    This is a weapon add-on for UT2k3.

    This adds an electric blaster to the game. It can kill almost any player in 1 hit,
    unless that player has this gun's sheild up. It can also regenerate ammo and
    branch into multiple projectiles.

    SwitchArsenal Compatible. By MeleeJack.

    sounds interesting... whats it range, fire rate, etc?

    cant we get soem screens, ro soemthing?


      ya screens plz


        how about doing all the original UT2003 models in cell shaded form? id love to see them prephaps a cell shaded mod with a couple of levels?


          Here's a few screenies and some tips on usage...


            Originally posted by sammboy125
            Here's a few screenies and some tips on usage...
            would help if i didnt have to register



              You can use the shield and fire at the same time, and if a bolt hits the sky, it'll strake a bolt of lightning... The bullets bounce all over the place.

              And this one just looks kewl:


                i think you should do an updated version that uses a different model, as cool as that one is, it still looks to similar to the link gun.


                  It IS the linkgun, just reskinned.

                  Looks pretty cool.


                    I just got a chance to play this, and I think it's cool, but needs some things added IMO.

                    1) Ammo count. Currently there is no ammo pick ups or any way to aquier more ammo, and this could become problimatic for some players. What I suggest is adding ammo regeneration to the weapon, that way really good players, or players up against novice bots won't run out of ammo.

                    2) Make it so either you can't kill urself at all, or make it so you can't kill urself when you spawn in. Because I spawned in a few times and had my gun do the thing where it shoots off a round, and the round hit a serface and instantly killed me. This is very annoying.

                    3) Different colors for different teams. Right now it is to hard to tell whos firing at you so players don't know whether they have to dodge or not. Plus if you play with team damage on like I do, it's to hard to tell if your team mate killed you or someone else killed you.

                    As for the weapon model. A new one would be good, but isn't a nesesity IMO. If you need a model you could always check out prefablab.

                    Hope you at least do something about the 3 things I mentiond. I think it would increase the fun factor dramaticly. :up: