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    its all in the bare midriff! aesthetically pleasing, but not so functional for keeping your innards in and bullets out.


      1. Some of the maps are bot pathed. However some are not, the reason is that UT2004 bots do not respond how we would like them to, so for first release there is no bot support.

      What we plan to do in the future is to release maps seperately on the site once we get the bots sorted out. So for instance if you want to play a game of 2fort with bots then you can download a single player version of 2fort and it should/will run very well with bots, I.E they place Sentry guns in good places or conc jump where you would expect them to, as well as acting randomly.

      2. The model skins have been changed foure times, the screenshots on the site are of the 2nd version. And yes they look very nice ingame. Ivangraphics takes pride in his work, hence 4 sets of skins hes done.


        Sounds mint, look forward to its release :up:


          as a person who played competitively for years in tfc I can't wait to play this...


            yeah, I always really hated TFC, but seeing the quality of the work here makes me think i'll give it another go (;


              Brings me to another question... I'm a QWTF boy, or was a long time ago. Did play a little TFC in the end though.

              Just curious, is this mod going for a combo of QWTF/TFC/UNF and if so in what way, just QWTF/just TFC/just UNF or something with a flavour of its own?


                Its a got a bit of all.

                Ease of play but with the looks that mixtures TFC with UNF.

                Maybe its better if I explain.

                The mod is totally unrealistic, just like a team fortress game should be.

                The game is commits to be easy to play, easy to get into; but with the option to master a class. We had one tester who was a seasoned Soldier, so he got into the soldier class of UNFE and still played like a pro with that class even though the functions for other classes were easier to pull off, because he was good at that class.

                Conc jumping, rocket jumping etc etc are all in, but are easier to pull off, but yet you can still find ways of doing it better with experience.

                The actuall movement and pace of the game is smoother than TFC, although the HWguy and soldier are slow classes, you dont feel like your taking forever to get somewhere, the scout although the fastest class doesnt run into walls on smaller maps.

                The maps are sparse of decorations, simply for the fact that when we tested the first batch of maps, although these maps were very good, they somehow felt restricted when played with Unreal fortress evo, like getting stuck on static meshes or just having decoration for the sake of making a map look pretty.

                Our approach is to make the maps as cosmeticly good looking but as close to the originals, so for instance your still see pipes, they will be in the floor in the walls or celling, and generally in places you cant get to, some overhead objects will be non solid as to not hinder the players movements, ok a bit bizzare but when your playing the game you wont notice anyway.

                The looks of the play models are a mixture of TFC and UNF some classes will resemble TFC some will resemble UNF and some will just be a mixture or maybe a little original.

                The weapons are this way to.

                I hope this explains a little more


                  Is good thanks Jas, sounds like you've gone the right way with the mod :up:


                    From the gametype page:
                    Push (working name)

                    Based upon the famous map Push is a one flag gametype, however played with a football. The football start in the middle of the map and you must rush to grab it, then take it to the enemies goal area.
                    Bombing Run! :up:


                      We now have a release date, it will be on 9th of december 2005.

                      More details to follow.


                        Just to bump and to tell everyone the mod is released tonight for download.


                          OMFG ThANK YOU!!

                          um................what time? (im in central)


                            Originally posted by UNFE|Jason
                            Heres the situation.

                            We have the public beta ready. It has been tested, it works. But to be on the safe side we want to run a game with a larger number of testers

                            Once we have run this game, we will be putting up servers, the new main website and preparing to release.

                            Of course we will torment people with ingame shots of the test.

                            At the latest we will be looking at a release in two weeks.
                            2fort needs a little more light :/ some of the maps are dark. what ever happend to daylight?!?:bored:


                              yeah some of the maps are very low lit which is pretty much the opposite of tfc but it's still a fun mod to play...unf-walls is one of the better maps I think...for a first beta I was really impressed that I bought a server for it


                                Why are half the guns split into two different weapons when you could have easily added the second to alt fire? :/
                                Seperate gametypes would be nice too...

                                lmao. Why can you snipe with the shocker? :haha::up: